Liaoning Province’s Action Plan for High-Quality Development of Cultural and Tourism Industry 2023-2025

2023-06-11 02:29:35

Our province issued an action plan for the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry

Cultivate the cultural tourism industry into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy

At the Liaoning Province Cultural Tourism Industry Revitalization and Development Conference held on June 10, the “Liaoning Provincial Cultural Tourism Industry High-Quality Development Action Plan (2023-2025)” was officially released. Our province will give full play to the leading role of major cultural and tourism industry projects in three years, cultivate the cultural and tourism industry into a new engine for the development of the modern service industry, a strategic pillar industry of the national economy, and build a strong tourism province in an all-round way.

In accordance with the three-year action plan of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to comprehensively revitalize and make new breakthroughs, anchoring the provincial “14th Five-Year” tourism development planning goals, the plan clearly puts forward the development goals of Liaoning’s cultural tourism industry in the next three years: fully integrate and utilize the rich resources of the province Cultural and tourism resources, create a new red tourism highland in “six places”, an ecological tourist resort in northern China, the best experience place for mass ice and snow tourism, and a modern tourism consumption distribution center, comprehensively enhance the reputation of “Northeast Asian tourist destination”, and build a high-level culture and tourism industry. Quality development platform. By 2025, the modern cultural and tourism industry system will be further improved, and the industry’s comprehensive competitiveness and governance capabilities will be further improved. Taking 2022 as the starting point, the province’s cultural tourism industry project investment and total tourism revenue will double, the number of tourists received will double, and the added value of tourism and related industries will account for 5% of the regional GDP.

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The plan proposes to focus on red resources such as “six places”, improve the construction level of classic scenic spots in the red tourism series, support the development of red tourism performing arts, red cultural and creative development, and create a national red tourism integrated development demonstration zone. Give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the province’s comprehensive tourism resources, beautiful natural and cultural environment, excellent living and climatic conditions, high urbanization rate, and convenient tourism transportation, and vigorously promote new tourism formats such as coastal residences, forest residences, and rural residences, with a high starting point and high Standard and high-quality development of ecological tourism industry. Make full use of Liaoning’s geographical resources and climate characteristics such as being located in the golden latitude belt of ice and snow, with large amount of snowfall in winter, high temperature comfort, hot springs all over the province, etc., to create a national and provincial ski resort. Excavate the value connotation of national folk culture and ice and snow culture, enrich product supply, and build a new pattern of ice and snow industry development. To adapt to the new trend of modern tourism consumption demand such as high-quality, micro-vacation, multi-level, high-frequency, etc., vigorously cultivate new forms of tourism consumption.

Based on “building the foundation, making up for shortcomings, benefiting from the long-term, and seeking breakthroughs”, the plan focuses on the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry, adheres to “creating tourism with culture, promoting culture with tourism”, promotes the deep integration of culture and tourism, and deploys and implements five key points Task.

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Further promote the agglomeration and development of the cultural and tourism industry, upgrade the cultural and tourism industry agglomeration area in the modern metropolitan area of ​​Shenyang, build the “Northmost Coast of China” leisure and vacation tourism belt, build a pioneering area for cultural tourism in the west of Liaodong that connects the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and innovate and develop a green eco-tourism demonstration area in eastern Liaodong .

Further strengthen the cultivation of market players in the cultural and tourism industry, deepen the reform and innovation of state-owned cultural and tourism enterprises, support the development and growth of private cultural and tourism enterprises, and cultivate “specialized, special and new” cultural and tourism enterprises with heart.

Further improve the integrated development pattern of the cultural and tourism industry, and promote “agriculture + cultural tourism”, “industry + cultural tourism”, “urban renewal + cultural tourism”, “sports + cultural tourism”, “technology + cultural tourism”, “transportation + cultural tourism”, “business + “Cultural Tourism” integrated development.

Further improve the reputation of the cultural tourism brand, polish the Liaoning full-season tourism brand, shape the “Liaoli” cultural and creative brand, make the “Liaowei” catering brand famous, enhance the “Liaosu” service brand, and consolidate the “Liao Festival” characteristic brand.

Further optimize the development environment of the cultural tourism industry, cultivate and expand cultural tourism consumer groups, improve the level of public services for cultural tourism, improve the service quality of the cultural tourism industry, innovate talent growth support policies, and improve the cultural tourism market governance system. (Reporter Wang Xiaomei)

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