Liberal MP Pierre Arcand is on vacation in the South | Coronavirus

Canada asks to avoid non-essential travel outside the country. For several days, Quebeckers who have traveled to the South have been singled out by the government of Quebec.

I regret this decision today, given the current situation in Quebec and the respect we owe to healthcare workers., said Pierre Arcand, former interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), in a statement sent to Radio-Canada.

Considering the impossibility of seeing our children and grandchildren during the Christmas period, my wife and I had planned a stay in the West Indies, explains Pierre Arcand.

Despite the fact that travel is not prohibited, we are aware of the extent of the judgment vis-à-vis people who go to the South.

Pierre Arcand, Liberal MP for Mont-Royal – Outremont

The MP claims that Barbados is one of the safest places in the world today.

In view of the situation, we analyzed at length the options available to us, he writes. And after analysis and taking into account the many precautions we had taken, we decided to leave.

The MP claims to have passed a COVID test on December 22, before his departure, then a second mandatory test on site, on December 27, in order to be able to leave the apartment he is renting. We will of course do the quarantine on return as it should, he adds.

Invited to respond, the office of the head of the PLQ sent us the following statement:Anglade expects those who do to respect the mandatory quarantine on return. “,” Text “:” Dominique Anglade discourages everyone from traveling. The rules allow for such movements. Mrs Anglade expects those who do so will respect the mandatory quarantine on return. “}}” Lang = “fr”>Dominique Anglade discourages everyone from traveling. The rules allow for such movements. Ms Anglade expects those who do to respect the mandatory quarantine on return.

No other PLQ MP would have traveled abroad during the holidays.

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Earlier this month, MP Denis Tardif withdrew from the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) caucus after failing to take sanitary measures at a bar in Rivière-du-Loup. Like everyone else and even more so as a member of Parliament, I must respect the instructions, he had declared.

As for the other parties that sit in the National Assembly, the CAQ indicated that one of its deputies had to go outside Quebec for personal reasons; it is, according to sources, Youri Chassin, deputy of Saint-Jérôme.

Mr. Chassin visited Peru. Impossible to know if it is still there. According to the same sources, his move was authorized, and this would be the only exception allowed to the rule to which the elected members of the CAQ are subject.

The press secretary of the parliamentary wing of the CAQ, Marc Danis, simply indicated, for his part, that a deputy traveled for personal reasons, without giving more details or naming the person in question.

At Québec solidaire, no MP has gone on a trip.

As for the Parti Québécois, the political party specifies that no member of its deputation has traveled outside the province.

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