Liberbank launched the Real Madrid Mortgage on the market

Liberbank has just presented in the market the Real Madrid Mortgage, the club it sponsors, with significant benefits for members, Madridista card holders and fans.

In nature, a well-known concept is that of synergy, a concordance of forces and energy between different organs that generates positive effects on the environment. If we apply this idea to companies, it can be said that a coordinated alliance between different companies manages to give rise to much better results than if they acted alone.

Some of this happened with Liberbank and its sponsored Real Madrid, which after the beginning of the joint work launched the Real Madrid Mortgage, with great advantages for the members of the merengue club.

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Liberbank presented its new mortgage with Real Madrid

The official bank of Real Madrid until 2026, launched the ‘Real Madrid Mortgage’, a fixed rate mortgage loan for up to 30 years with special conditions for members, Madridista card holders and fans

Fulfilling all the requirements, you can obtain a fixed interest of 1.15%, the cheapest on the market today. Another favorable condition is that the mortgage does not have an opening commission.

How was the Liberbank Real Madrid Mortgage born?

Recently, the white club and the financial institution presented the agreement by which Liberbank is incorporated as the official bank of the club until the end of the 2025-2026 season. As detailed the club website, the event was held in the meeting room of Real Madrid City and was chaired by Florentino Pérez and Pedro Manuel Rivero Torre, president of Liberbank. Also present were Emilio Butragueño, director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid; Jonathan Joaquín Velasco, General Director of Business at Liberbank; and Ana Echenique, director of the Bank’s Institutional Relations and Communication Area. The alliance includes exclusivity in the banking sector for Spain, Liberbank’s business territory.

What objectives does the agreement between Liberbank and Real Madrid contemplate?

The agreement, in addition to the priority objective of enhancing the notoriety of Liberbank by generating maximum visibility and association between both brands, has as its central axis the possibility of participating in the new financing lines of Real Madrid. This cooperation covers all levels and segments of the club, including members and fans. The union between the brands provides the option for members to finance the subscriptions under advantageous conditions, as well as the creation of specific and exclusive financial and banking products, such as the Real Madrid Mortgage or the recently promoted Real Madrid Card.

What is the cooperation agreement between the bank and the club?

An important part of the alliance is the generation of business through co-branded products such as the Real Madrid debit and credit card or special promotions aimed at its followers. The agreement provides for the acquisition of new clients thanks to Real Madrid’s digital audiences. In this sense, Liberbank will be involved with the club in its loyalty projects with its current and future clients and, likewise, it will have exclusive benefits and compensation for clients in all sections, both men’s football, women’s football and basketball. In this way, it becomes the first of the new sponsors to sign a new transversal agreement for all sections.

What are the characteristics of the Liberbank Real Madrid Mortgage?

This financial product offers a loan for the purchase of a home with a minimum amount of 200,000 euros. This value will serve to finance up to 80% of the home appraisal or 90% of the cost of the purchase, the lower of the two. It can be contracted within a period of between 10 and 30 years with a maximum of one year of grace in home purchase.

Those who are partners and holders of the Madridista card have the discount of the expenses of appraisal of registry notes when contracting their mortgage.

Example of a fixed rate loan with the Real Madrid Mortgage

To give a clear example, the mortgage offers a loan of 200,000 euros, and we choose the option of returning it to 30 years, it will be 360 ​​monthly installments, with a TIN of 1.15% and a TAEL of 2.03%. The first 359 installments will be 657.15 euros and the last installment will be 657.97 euros. In this way, the amount of the interest amounts to 36,574.84 euros, the total cost to 66,527.53 euros and the total amount owed to 266,527.53 euros.


In order to access the mortgage, in addition to approving the bank’s risk criteria, we must purchase the following financial products


Liberbank will grant us the mortgage loan on the condition that we have damage insurance on the mortgaged property throughout its term. This insurance does not have to be contracted through Liberbank, but it must cover the damages that the property may suffer due to fire, explosion and natural causes. Liberbank, must appear in the policy as beneficiary for the amount pending amortization of the loan.

Open account

To contract the loan, it will be necessary to have an open demand account in Liberbank in the name of the holder / s, in which the movements that have to do with the contracted mortgage loan, payments and debts will be carried out.

In addition, until January 31, Liberbank allows you to get 25 euros to spend on Amazon, MediaMarkt, Carrefour or Decathlon when contracting the Real Madrid debit card with a personalized design online.

Other Liberbank mortgages


For the rest of clients, Liberbank’s fixed mortgages start at 2.11% APR at 15 years with the maximum bonus. It is necessary to domicile the payroll for an amount greater than 3,000 euros and take out multi-risk home insurance and there is no opening commission. Without a link, the fixed interest amounts to 3.57% APR.

Liberbank is the official bank of Real Madrid. This alliance, which will run until the end of the 2025/26 season, had its first fruits with the launch of the Real Madrid Card and the Real Madrid Mortgage, the conditions of which are detailed in this post. Throughout the duration of the sponsorship, exclusive benefits and promotions linked to all sections of the club will continue to be offered.

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