Liberty Steel: 153 job losses announced!

Everyone feared him and there was no miracle. This Monday morning, the management of Liberty Steel announced its desire to launch, as soon as possible, a Renault procedure with a view to separating 153 workers.

As we know, Liberty Steel in Liège requested and obtained, on May 11, to be placed under judicial reorganization proceedings (PRJ). This “status” was granted to him by the Liege Company Court to protect the steelmaker from his creditors, theoretically until the end of this month.

The purpose of this protection was to give the management of the steel group time to set up a rescue plan for the Liège and Luxembourg sites.

It is thus a question of merging the Liege infrastructures (Ferblatil in Tilleur, Galva IV and V in Flémalle, i.e. 742 workers), not only with those of Dudelange, but above all with the infrastructures of Liberty Steel located in Galati and those of Magona (Italy ). The Romanians have also recently granted a loan of ten million euros.

“Liberty Galati, the largest integrated steel plant in Romania, will become the main supplier of hot-rolled coils (HRC) to companies downstream from Liberty, ensuring a safe and sustainable supply of their raw material”, has already explained the management.

In the eyes of management, this reorganization was obviously not going to take place without restructuring and therefore without loss of jobs. Here are the workers fixed on the intentions of their boss.

These job cuts would target various functional areas, including purchasing, IT and accounting. There is also a question of loss of staff at the Galva 4 site in Flémalle.

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