Lidl challenges Mercadona with the launch of its new section of dishes prepared from 1.19 euros

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Lidl also wants to have a presence in the prepared dishes business. The German chain presented this Thursday in Madrid the Ready to eat section with 14 different menus between hot and cold dishes. Lidl thus adds to a trend that has been added to other supermarkets such as El Corte Inglés – which has been betting on this business for years – Mercadona, Auchan, Carrefour, Dia or Bon Preu, among others.

The new launch of Lidl is now available in four supermarkets located in the Community of Madrid – (Moratalaz), García Noblejas Coslada and Alcorcón- and throughout 2020 the initiative will be extended to new establishments that open in Spain. In the rest of the establishments, the project will be implemented progressively and based on customer acceptance, which during the pilot project “has been very positive”.

Despite calling its section as in Mercadona (“Ready to eat), Lidl differs from the rest with a smaller assortment and lower market prices. The dishes are offered already cooked and packaged in the linear and without the intermediation of staff to serve the customer. “This eliminates costs and can offer an exceptional relationship between quality and price,” said the Purchasing and Development Manager of the Convenience category in Spain, David Domene. However, future plans are to renew the assortment little by little with the incorporation of new dishes.

The hot dishes of Lidl are renewed twice a day (at 12.30 and at 18.00) and do not remain more than four hours on the shelf. If this time is exceeded, the containers are returned to the kitchen at the point of sale and discarded. Cold menus, however, do remain exposed in the refrigerator until they are purchased.

“This section is born to respond to the change in the way of consumption of the Spaniards, who increasingly turn to prepared dishes in search of practicality, flexibility and a good relationship between quality and price,” explained the Director of Public Relations in Spain, Arantxa Conde, during the presentation to the media. The demand for this type of products grows double-digit in Spain – 10% in the last quarter of 2019 – and about 47 million consumers use this service at least six times a month, according to data from a Kantar report. The rise of this segment is explained by the shortage of cooking time, convenience and comfort and prices. .


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