LIDL Comfee air conditioner cheap at 189 euros on!

Good plan if you are looking for an air conditioner at a low price to keep you cool this summer! From July 2, Lidl supermarkets offer you the inexpensive LIDL Comfee air conditioner while stocks last. His price ? 189 euros only. Thanks to this 3 in 1 model, you will be able to enjoy your house or apartment during the summer season, even if it is very hot. From its release date, do not delay to go buy it, because it may be taken by storm!

The characteristics of this air conditioner LIDL Comfee cheap are:

  • 3 in 1 device: cooling, ventilation and dehumidifying;
  • Integrated dust filter, sleep mode and timer;
  • Cooling capacity: 7000 Btu / h;
  • 2KW device;
  • Refreshes up to 25 m2;
  • Remote control included to control the air conditioner remotely (timer, temperature, standby mode, etc.).
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

Alternatives to the LIDL 3in1 Comfee portable air conditioner from partner merchants:

  • TECHNIBEL Monobloc IRO 3.5kW REVERSIBLE mobile air conditioner – Technibel IRO13PLUS

    Plumbing heating Heating and air conditioning Air conditioning and heat pump Technibel mobile air conditioner, Technibel Monobloc Mobile Air Conditioner IRO13 Plus: Ideal for air conditioning of rooms of around 25-30m² Cold alone or reversible Keep your rooms cool in summer and use as

  • KLARSTEIN Kraftwerk Smart 10K – Mobile Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan, 10000BTU / h, 2.9KW, 440 m³ / h, Programmable timer, Control Via WiFi Application, Remote Control – White

    SMART: The Klarstein Kraftwerk Smart 10K portable air conditioner guarantees a perfect climate during the summer. Its powerful air conditioning compressor of 10,000 BTU or 2.9 kW of energy efficiency class A is ideal for rooms from 29 to 49 m². EFFICIENT: The Kraftwerk is distinguished by its 3-in-1 efficiency with the air conditioner, fan and dehumidifier functions and cools the interior to a comfortable temperature between 18 and 32 ° C in hot weather. INTEGRATED FAN: The integrated fan with 3 power levels reliably distributes the cooled air throughout the room, while the dehumidification function extracts up to 23 l of air humidity per day. VERY QUIET: With its noise level of only 48 dB at the lowest level, the Kraftwerk is perfectly suited for use in rooms sensitive to noise. KLARSTEIN APP: With the Klarstein app and a Wi-Fi connection, the Kraftwerk Smart 10K is very easy to use with a smartphone, while the upper control panel allows simple manual control.

  • FRICO portable air conditioner – 3.5 kW – Cold only

    Guarantees: 2 years parts. 3.5 Kw FRICO portable air conditioner. Climobile is a 3 in 1 portable air conditioner: – air conditioner, – fan, – dehumidifier. Thanks to the control panel located on the top of the device, the Climobile can be adjusted as needed, to a setpoint of 16 ° C to 30 ° C. The

  • Inventor Chilly 9,000 Btu / h 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner Cooling & Dehumidification and Ventilation Capacity (2 Years Warranty)

    Economic and ecological: Energy efficiency class A, ergonomic and compact design and low environmental impact thanks to the ecological refrigerant R290, without toxins or pollutants. Powerful: Cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU / h and maximum sound level of only 52 dB. Versatile: 3 in 1 (cooling mode, dehumidification mode and ventilation mode), timer, sleep mode, different ventilation speeds from which to choose. Easy to move and use: The integrated omni-directional casters allow you to carry the portable air conditioner anywhere. So you can cool multiple rooms with one device. In addition, thanks to its intuitive control panel equipped with an LED screen and its elegant remote control (batteries not included) with digital display, using the device becomes child’s play. Take advantage of the two (2) year manufacturer’s warranty Inventor.

  • Haverland Climatiseur mobile TAC0719 2050W/7000Btu

    The portable air conditioner TAC0719 developed by Haverland is a monobloc air conditioner specially designed to refrigerate, ventilate and dehumidify rooms up to 20 m². It is equipped with a washable air filter which will retain dirt and dust preventing them from entering the device. This

  • SUNTEC Mobile Air Conditioner IMPULS Eco R290-7000 / 9000/12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Fan, Dehumidifier, Window Insulation Set, Exhaust Pipe (Impuls 2.6 Eco R290-9000 BTU)

    ❄ EFFICIENT COOLING: The Impuls 2.6 Eco offers pleasant high temperature cooling for rooms up to 34 m². With two ventilation levels and maximum air circulation, fresh air is distributed evenly throughout the room. The unit is also visually distinguished by its neutral white color and therefore fits into any room, whether it is a bedroom or an office. ❄ ECOLOGICAL: Thanks to the R290 natural refrigerant, which is completely free of toxins and harmful substances, there is no impact on the environment and the air conditioner can be used for private use without any worries. The coolant is durable and does not need to be replaced. ❄ 3 IN 1: In addition to the powerful cooling function, a dehumidification and ventilation function is also integrated. The device can therefore be used all year round in various ways, for example at home as a dryer. ❄ EASE OF USE: The easy-to-understand LED screen or the practical remote control make operation a breeze. In addition, the device has a temperature setting, a timer function and a slow silent mode to make your daily life even easier. ❄ STRENGTHS / CONTENT OF DELIVERY: Exhaust air hose with adapters, dust filter, clamping rail, drain hose, casters, remote control (excl. 2x AAA)

How to buy the LIDL Comfee air conditioner inexpensively at 189 euros on

If you want to equip yourself with such a device, we invite you to click on the button visible at the bottom of this article to discover this famous LIDL Comfee air conditioner. Then go to your supermarket on July 2 Lidl to buy it.

If you are interested in good plans, note that the brand offers many others like the following two: the inflatable mattress at 29.99 euros and the extra bed at 59.99 euros.

Remember that the air conditioner Comfee is available while stocks last. From July 2, don’t delay to go buy it, because it is likely to be a real success given its price.

Comfee Lidl Air Conditioner: product reviews

This model of Comfee air conditioner seems to be in exclusive distribution at LIDL so it is difficult to evaluate it with precision. On the other hand, we compared the other models of Comfee mobile air conditioners with the main online merchants: Amazon, Rue du Commerce, Darty, etc.
The trend is reassuring: Comfee generally has a rating of at least 4 out of 5 on most of its air conditioners so this model of cheap air conditioner sold at LIDL should be efficient and weak over time.

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