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Lidl device to easily make homemade pasta

by archyde

There is nothing we like more in this world than eating. We like the gastronomy from all the countries of the world, each of them has its own flavors that characterize it. For example, one of our favorite cuisines is Italian, we are great fans of pasta and pizza, and if we have an Italian vein and cook and prepare these dishes ourselves, much more. The good thing is that in the supermarkets of the shopping centers every time we have more international culinary optionsyou can find food from all corners of the planet.

But although it is very easy to get many gastronomic products from other countries in food establishments, we are also passionate about getting behind the stove and create these world recipes with our own hands, especially since we can make them with much healthier ingredients. For this reason, as lately we only think about Italian food, we have gone to the home bazaar of Lidl to see if we could find any 100% Italian kitchen gadget and we just found out that the German establishment has a machine to make pasta from Lidl less than 90 euros, a bargain and one of the good ones that you should take advantage of.

Lidl paste making machine

Macaroni, ravioli, spaghetti, tortellini, tagliatelle, etc. It doesn’t matter what shape Italian pasta has, we eat it without question, we love it! Now, yes, ever since we tried the fresh pasta we can swear to you that we teleported to the very Italy in every bite. The problem is that the shopping centers sell this fresh pasta at very expensive prices and, of course, if you really like fresh pasta and eat it very often, you lose a good bit every time you buy it. Luckily we discovered this Lidl paste making machinea machine that will be very useful to you and that will be a very good investment if you are one of those who really like homemade Italian pasta.

Silvercrest pasta maker, photo: ©Lidl

This Lidl pasta machine is sold by the German supermarket under SilverCrest, its white label dedicated to home and kitchen products, a brand, which, as we already know, has one of the best value for money on the market. This device for making homemade fresh pasta in the purest Italian style is one of its star products at the moment, both in physical stores and in its online store. And is not for less. This authentic machine to prepare Italian pasta at home It is priced at only 84.99 eurosa bargain of the good ones.

This Lidl pasta maker has eight discs for prepare different styles of fresh pasta, that is, you can prepare both spaghetti and macaroni, noodles, etc. In addition, it also comes with a special accessory for making ravioli in its pack. And not only does it allow you to prepare pasta in different shapes, but also in different sizes since it has two programs for get different size portions, one is made with 250 grams of flour and another with 500 grams. Also add that it has an LCD screen that indicates the remaining time so that you can control the entire process more efficiently.

More characteristics of this 100% Italian device

This Lidl pasta maker is very easy to use and basically only performs two actions, one is used to knead and the other to extract the dough, actions that you can perform by pressing a single button. It is important to point out that this fresh pasta appliance has a very positive point and that is that it is very easy to clean since all its parts can be put in the dishwasher to clean them, well, all but the front panel. In addition, it has a built-in drawer where you can store your records very comfortably.

This Lidl appliance with which you can make Italian pasta at home has a power of 220 W, more than enough power to prepare your fresh macaroni at lightning speed. It has a capacity to prepare 600 grams of pasta, so you will have enough to prepare it for the whole family. Its cable measures approximately 80 centimeters, it weighs 3.75 kilos, the molds weigh 150 grams each and the cups approximately 67 grams.

Finish by adding that when you buy this Lidl pasta maker you will also receive two measuring cups, eight discs for different types of pasta, a ravioli accessory, a spatula, a cleaning accessory and a recipe book so you never run out of ideas. Remember that this machine to make fresh pasta that Lidl has for sale you can take home for only 84.99 euros.

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