Lidl launches its new Monsieur Cuisine Smart kitchen robot with new features that will be a sales success

Every time a new one goes on sale household product of Lidl sales multiply, and it is that without a doubt the quality that they offer to the consumer are really positive. In this case, you have launched the new Kitchen robot Monsieur Cuisine Smart with new features and more power than ever. In addition, now you will find it with a measuring glass large capacity of 3 liters and the possibility of connect it to the Wi-Fi network to update each month thousands of recipes that are included in their cooking system.

So this new Monsieur Cuisine Smart food processor 1200 W It is the perfect accessory for your kitchen. Since it is capable of making more than 600 delicious dishes in the mixing bowl up to 3L with its Cooking Pilot functionality. In addition to the Wifi function to receive monthly recipe updates on an activated user account at no additional cost.

If you like the idea of ​​not having to prepare food every day and not spending hours in the kitchen preparing dishes for yourself or the whole family, keep reading this article because we are going to show you one of the latest kitchen robots From the market. which also has a very cheap price and Lidl.

This new Lidl kitchen robot includes a scale and a larger 8″ screen

It is new kitchen robot who has released Lidl The market follows in the wake of the previous models, which swept sales every time they were included in their catalogue. For this reason, with this novelty they wanted to further improve the functionalities offered to the client by the Mr Kitchen from previous years.

New Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot from Lidl./ LIDL

Among its new features we will find:

  • 1200W power that will help your dishes to be done quickly and evenly
  • More of 600 recipes programmed
  • Function of WiFi connection to update the product every month
  • bigger screen8″ to see better at a glance
  • VIDEO GUIDED COOKING in certain recipes to view the different preparation steps in detail
  • Two side handles and a handle that allows comfortably handle the pot with one hand

In addition, this small Lidl appliance for your kitchen also incorporates into its system the option to create shopping lists, a weekly planner, recipe scoring, personalized recommendations and improved search criteria.

Now it has a price of less than 500 euros

best of this new kitchen robot It is that, despite the fact that it has new features that make it an ideal appliance for your home if you do not have time to cook daily, it is that Lidl has launched it with a price of less than 500 euros. Specifically, now if you want to have this appliance in your kitchen, you will only have to pay a price of 479,99 euros.

Lidl's new kitchen robot
New Monsieur Cuisine kitchen robot from Lidl./ LIDL

It is Lidl product It is very worth having it at home, especially since we are not only going to be able to use it to cook main dishes. But you can also use it to knead, steam cook, fry, Slow Cook, ferment, cook eggs, clean program and beat. In addition, if you update it through the Wi-Fi network, you can also heat water and cook rice.

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