Lidl: three workers reveal how the company works and their working conditions

Employees of many Lidl stores have been on strike for several days. The staff denounce an excessive workload. But what exactly is it? What does a typical working day look like in these stores? Three employees testify for RTL INFO with a hidden face.

All employees can perform any task at any time

Formal ban for the workers of the group to express themselves in the press. It is therefore in an anonymous place that a few employees explain their daily schedules to us, and in particular the multiplicity of tasks.

All employees can at any time perform any task in the store“, indicates a person.”If you are in charge of a bakery, you go as a back-up to the cash register, or you will be told to finish what is fresh, but then you go back to the bakery. It’s like that all the time“, confides another.

“Having to divide up between all these tasks … nothing is done 100% properly. In the long run, this permanent frustration is tiring.“, indicates yet another witness.

Obviously there are always shortcomings somewhere, and then it falls on us

Faced with this situation, employees set priorities. Even if it means neglecting certain tasks. Breaches alleged during unannounced checks. “An audit arrives, inspects everything, and inevitably there are always shortcomings somewhere, and after that comes back to us“, explains an employee.”It is a source of stress for the staff, and it also adds to the anxiety of the employees of almost never being able to finish the work that has been entrusted to them.“, adds another.

Each person who works in the store must bring in as many euros

According to the workers, it is not the personnel requirements that determine the number of employees in the planning, but the turnover of each store. “Each person who works in the store must bring in the same amount of euros per hour worked. The higher your turnover, the more hours you have injected into the store to complete tasks. If the turnover decreases, you will inevitably have a decrease in the number of hours to devote to tasks in store“, specifies a witness.

It’s the body that clinks because we force

All denounce a high rate of illness and abnormal turnover of staff. “The body takes it. The body takes a lot physically with the tasks that are required when we lack arms. Obviously it is the body that clinks because we force“, says an employee.”Physically, it is not always easy. I’ll tell you, even for a sporty man, it is pain that occurs in the back, it is sometimes the knees that can also take, the arms …another person reacts.

We are going towards a limit of the system because people realize that, in the end, they do not have a job to be treated under pressure like that non-stop. And indeed, we have people who crack“, concludes another witness.

Our three witnesses say they are driven by the desire to do well. If they agree to surrender today, it is in the hope of obtaining an improvement in their working conditions.

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