Lidl’s Monsieur Cuisine Connect robot withdrawn from sale in Spain

The Spanish experts concluded that the Made in China food processor was a little too inspired by its competitor Made in France. A true sales phenomenon with each replenishment, the Monsieur Cuisine Connect by Silvercrest will quickly have to disappear from Lidl stores in Spain.

According to a judgment of the Barcelona Commercial Court reported by the newspaper El Pais, this robot cook copies the innovations of Thermomix and therefore infringes the Spanish patents filed by the German group Vorwerk which had brought the legal action.

Sales in France spared

The complaint related to “certain components such as the Thermomix balance, its interaction with the knives and the device cover,” Vorwerk France said in a statement.

Popular thanks to its aggressive price (329 euros) – against 1299 euros for the last Thermomix, the TM 6 -, the device of the hard discount specialist has since 2019 caused scenes of crush each time a store puts it back on the shelves . Sometimes to the point of generating frustration around the lack of units put up for sale to create “buzz”.

Sales should nevertheless continue well in France. “This court decision is specific to Spanish courts and does not apply in France” specifies the French branch of the German giant. “This decision has no effect on consumers who have purchased a Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl France,” she insists.


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