Lieferando apologizes for his messenger – and thus makes everything worse

Do not use the elevator?
Lieferando apologizes for his messenger – and thus makes everything worse

Lieferando driver in Berlin

© Michael Kappeler / DPA

Are Lieferando drivers no longer allowed to use the elevator to deliver the food? An unfortunate tweet from the company backfires.

Delivering food for Lieferando – it’s not exactly a job that many people envy. Pay and working conditions are modest and the company does not really jump to the side when it comes to criticism from customers. This perception arises at least from a small social media posse that took place on Saturday on Twitter.

The starting point is a tweet from a customer who complains that the delivery man used the elevator: “It fucks me up when the Lieferando driver uses the elevator. The elevator is only for residents and their guests and not for workers. I order almost every other day and always write it down when I order, but they just don’t learn. ”

Some people have serious doubts whether the elevator excitement was really meant seriously. In any case, Lieferando’s social media department classified it as a serious complaint. And reacted like this: “Hey! We are very sorry that the supplier is using the elevator. Send us a DN with the order number so that we can check the whole thing.”

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Lieferando apology causes outrage

Lieferando not only apologized for one of their employees using the elevator instead of climbing stairs to bring the food to the customer warm. The request for a direct message with order number also suggests that you want to prosecute the poor delivery man for his alleged misconduct.

The outrage was not long in coming. Numerous Twitter discussants accused the group of unfair treatment of its employees, an exploitative business model and other things. Satirist Jan Böhmermann also got involved with a little practical advice. “IF you EVER order from Lieferando: Tips for the drivers are always generous and ONLY given IN CASH PERSONALLY!” Wrote Böhmermann.

And so Lieferando found itself forced to apologize again a little later, this time in the direction of its own people: “We apologize to all suppliers! Of course we stand behind you. We are sorry that we expressed ourselves ambiguously Deliveries are used. ” So much for the elevator as an aid.


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