Liège stalls at Dender, La Louvière Center and Visé beaten, the Mastiffs leave with a point

We played the sixth day of Nationale 1, including a trip from Liège to Dender.

D'Ostillo RFC Liège

D’Ostillo RFC Liège

RFC Liège could not do better than a goalless draw during its trip to Dender, 8th in the standings. After his clear victory against Knokke on the previous day (3-0), the leader was not inspired this time despite the opportunities of Perbet, D’Ostilio, Prud’homme or Bustin. The Sang & Marine failed to take advantage of their numerical superiority in the second half, following the exclusion of Tarfi. They encountered a tight, ultra-defensive formation, especially when reduced to ten.

In the other meetings of the evening, the Olympic leaves Dessel with a point (1-1) thanks to the equalizer of Ito Singa just before the break. Visé lost (1-0) at Heist, as did La Louvière Center who shared the same fate with a loss at Tivoli against Patro Eisden (1-2). Amadou Ba reduced the score for the Wolves, who were down 0-2 at the break.

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