life imprisonment Indian man uses a poisonous snake to kill his wife but set the scene to look like an accident

The court sentenced him to life imprisonment. Indian man uses viper to kill his wife but set the scene to look like an accident twice

bureaunewsabroad reported that On Monday, an Indian man was found guilty of killing his wife. By biting her with a poisonous snake twice, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Surage Kumar, who was arrested last year after Surage’s wife Uthra, 25. He was bitten by a cobra while sleeping on his bed. The incident occurred in May 2020.

The police have begun an investigation. After Mrs. Uthara’s family did not believe that this was an accident. because a few weeks ago Uthra was recently bitten by a South Indian cat snake (Russell’s viper) and is currently being treated. They also claim that Has been harassed by Mr. Zuraj all along with dowry matters.

Police said in an investigation it was found that Suraj was responsible for the two snake bites on his wife. Before this man became a witness and which helped the police collect evidence in the case.

The judge agreed with the prosecutor. and agree that this case is a rare case therefore sentenced to life imprisonment For both offenses against Mr Surage, he also ordered a fine of 500,000 rupees or about 220,000 baht.


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