Life imprisonment may be the punishment of Menna Shalaby

From the moment of capture Actress Menna Shalaby In the case of drug possession, and legal opinions still differ about the expected punishment for the artist if it is proven that the seizures were indeed drugs or not.

Legal expert Ashraf Farahat told that what happened with the artist is completely legal, and the customs administration acted with her legally, and what must be done, as it issued a report based on what was seized in the possession of the artist, indicating that the Public Prosecution office received the record, which is What required a technical examination?

He added that the prosecution released the artist on bail of 50 thousand pounds, and therefore she is accused of pending a case whose description has not changed, and she will remain accused until the report of the chemical laboratory comes, which will determine whether these seizures contain narcotic substances or not, indicating that in the event that these seized materials were Drugs, the artist will be referred to felonies on charges of drug abuse and importation.

He said that if she did not pay the fine, she would have been imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations into the case, adding that by monitoring the movement of the artist’s visa card and seeing the money withdrawn from it, it is possible to ensure that the artist purchased the seizures and the place from which she bought them, and this will reveal the truth.

The legal expert confirmed that if the chemical laboratory report proves that the seized drugs, they will be referred to felonies on charges of possession, importation and drug use, and the penalty may be life hard labor.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution had ordered the release of the artist, Menna Shalaby, after her interrogation, after she was arrested at Cairo International Airport, in possession of drugs, with a financial guarantee of 50,000 pounds.

The prosecution stated that it had received a notice to arrest the actress, Menna Shalaby, at Cairo International Airport upon her return from abroad, during the completion of customs procedures, and that she was in possession of a number of bags containing her personal belongings.

The prosecution added that by placing the bags on an X-ray, it was found that there were organic condensates inside them, so they were thoroughly searched, which resulted in the discovery of substances suspected of being drugs, so they were arrested and the seized materials were kept.

And it was established, according to the police report – according to the statement of the prosecution – that the artist had obtained these materials with the intention of using.

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