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Life in prison for an Islamic State militant in Germany for genocide

The condemned man, Taha al J .. hides his face behind a folder during the trial. / Afp

He let a five-year-old Yazidi girl die of thirst in full sun in Iraq

An Islamic State militant was sentenced today to life imprisonment in Germany on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity, trade in human beings and murder. The High Court in Frankfurt condemned the Islamist for chaining a five-year-old Yazidi girl outside her house in full sun and 50 degrees of temperature until she perished of thirst in 2015 in the territory then controlled by the Islamic State in Iraq. . The little girl and her mother, who could do nothing to prevent the death of her daughter, had been bought as slaves. The case is historical in nature as it addresses for the first time the genocide committed by the terrorist organization against the Yazidi people. The convict, 29-year-old Taha al J .. is an Iraqi citizen who joined the Islamist militia in 2013. The girl’s mother, who survived the abuse, appeared at the trial as a private plaintiff.

During the reading of the sentence by the court, the defendant fainted which forced him to interrupt the session and call an ambulance. However, Taha al J .. recovered soon after and the process was able to continue. The woman of the condemned man, the German convert to Islam and also a follower of the Islamic State Jennifer W., had been sentenced last October by the Munich High Court to 10 years in prison for attending the girl’s death impassively and not help her even though she had the chance to do so. The couple held the Yazidi woman and her daughter as slaves between July and September 2015, at which time both were systematically abused. To punish the little girl for wetting the bed, the man chained the girl to the outside fence of one of the windows of her house in the Iraqi town of Fallujah, where the little girl ended up dying of thirst and heat stroke after a terrible agony, according to the prosecution.

The Islamic State had shortly before conquered the region populated mainly by that religious minority in Iraq and systematically murdered all the men, while the women and girls were enslaved. During the process in the financial capital of Europe, Taha al J. did not comment on the charges against him. The trial was closely followed by various organizations representing the interests of the religious minority of the Yazidis, monotheistic in nature and dating back to the ancient Mesopotamian religions. The observers also included the organization Amnesty International.


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