Life insurance / euro funds: here are the best returns for 2021

Which contracts exceeded 2% last year? Better Living Your Money counts, among the best returns that have been announced. A list likely to evolve in the days and weeks to come.

The season for communicating the performance of funds in euros over the past year at his best. With, as every year now, a downward trend for many contracts. But if a rate of 1 to 1.10% on average is expected for 202, a certain number of surprises are in store. Among which still robust performances.

Above 2%

What were the supports that crossed the 2% bar? For the moment, they are not even ten. Be careful, it is still too early to have a complete inventory: only a minority of contracts have been published. The list that comes is therefore likely to evolve in the coming weeks.

For the moment, therefore, at 2% stack, we find in the first place the Retraite Mutualiste du Combattant contract (La France Mutualiste). This loses 0.20 points over one year. This is followed by several supports at the rate of 2.10%. Let us mention the euro fund of the MACSF, first to communicate at the beginning of January, which managed the feat of raising it by 0.55 basis points over one year. Its two contracts RES and RES multisupport thus go to 2.10% minimum (up to 2.15% for multisupport). A rate at which Security Infra Euro, the latest addition to the Target+ range (Primonial/Oradéa Vie), is also stable over one year.

Above 2.35%

Higher at 2.35% is another contract in the Target+ range, which performed well in 2021 playing the markets. Security Target Euro thus served 2.35%, and this after a remarkable 0% in 2020! At 0.15 points more, at 2.50%, we should mention the euro funds Sécurité Pierre Euro (Primonial/Suravenir), from the Sérénipierre contract, which is also stable. There is also the Eparmil Epargne Handicap Plan ofAGPM Life. A slight increase over one year (2.45% in 2020).

Finally, at the top of the ranking, we find Garance. The insurer served 2.75% for Garance Epargne. A rate that does not move from one year to another and already reigned among euro funds the previous year.

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