Life is not a fairy tale “Oi Thana” has moved. After being caught, the leg of the bed broke.

Thank you to everyone who is worried about “Oi Thana” has moved. After being caught in the relationship with his wife, “Thoe Rawaree”, she saw a broken leg in the bed. Accept that there is a problem in the marriage Let’s step back and look at the problem.

It can be said to have been watched quite a bit. For the relationship that shines with the broken leg of the singer-actor, one of the young children “Oi Thana Suthikamol” and young wife “You Rawaree” Previously noticed that the young man Oil often posts sad messages similar to the couple’s life is having many problems posted on Instagram, and also found that “Oi-You” Different weaves have followed each other on Instagram. So many people are wondering if the love between the two is in trouble or not?

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which amid the latest wave of suspicion of netizens (16 October 2021) “Oi Thana” Has come out to move by posting a selfie of himself to his personal Instagram. Along with attaching a caption saying…. “Be as happy as you can be.”

Before later referred to the movement to solve the doubts of many people will not have to have questions in their minds. By moving to the issue of acknowledging that there are real problems in marriage There are things that are understood and not understood. Because life is not a fairy tale that will have only happiness. Now both of them are taking a step back to look at the problem by “Oi Thana” It has stated in detail that…

“I went down by myself so I didn’t have to have questions in my mind… My life is a normal person. Happy and sad. There are obstacles like everyone. Married life is the same. Real life. It’s not in fairy tales to be happy. People who are close to each other have things to adjust to each other. There is something that is not understood Talk about something I don’t know Opinions may not be inconsistent with each other, but now we have to step back and look at the problem. Time will tell us what to do. And maybe it was me who was waking up and raving and making interpretations of each other. I think everyone is. when we are sad when our hearts tremble The brain that used to command correctly It’s usually not normal. When we fall, our perspective is not the same. and when our consciousness returns We will probably get better. To be honest, it’s normal for humans. Thank you for your concern.”

which after “Oi Thana” Has opened a post to reveal such thoughts, then there are friends, entertainers and fans to send encouragement to many people.

Thank you Instagram : oilthana

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