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I’ve been thinking, who’s head is wrong?

Over the years, many things have gone beyond everyone’s common sense and common sense.

What is the purpose of the national inspection? Of course, it is to find out the hidden patients of the new crown in the society and the carriers of the virus who are not sick. How can 7 million people be tested? Of course, batch after batch.

For example, if you were a kindergarten teacher and were helping all students in the school sanitize their hands, you would:

1. Please come out and disinfect the names of each class from A to J first, and the completed ones are free to move, then K to R, then S to Z;

Second, go out for disinfection one by one, and then go back to the shift room to stay. After the disinfection of each shift is completed, you can have refreshments together.

This is a kindergarten-level question. The answer does not need to be scrutinized, it must be the second method.

However, the Chief Executive announced that day that there will be a mandatory national inspection in March, but the inexplicable method of sorting ID cards was used, which is the first method in the above-mentioned kindergarten example.

Another example is a family with three generations living in the same house and a foreign domestic helper, and the ID numbers are A, B, C, W, and Y respectively, which means that the family needs to be checked several times. Even if the family can check together, what about the neighbors? What about upstairs and downstairs? This one has been inspected, and that one will be inspected next week. I can’t figure it out. With so many classifications, why does the government choose the stupidest one?

When you wipe the floor, you will wipe one room before wiping another room; cleaning must be done in one area, allowing seven million people to walk around. I can’t imagine how long it will take to clean this kind of cleaning?

Today, there are not dozens of new crown cases in Hong Kong, but 10,000 people. If the forced inspection of the whole people in this state is not done in one district, if it does not cooperate with the closure of the city, it is impossible to succeed. The Chief Executive said, “It’s a war now.” Then why did the enemy break into the dwellings, and you talked slowly and eloquently about how much power you once had for half an hour, and for another half an hour, we will come to rescue you next month?

Senior officials, please go out and take a look. Hong Kong after 6 o’clock is basically no different from the closure of the city. There are still people who say that Hong Kong is not Wuhan and that the pause button cannot be pressed. What if there was an earthquake today? What about the tsunami? Can’t stop? Just play the typhoon signal No. 10 for a few days. The forced inspections without closing the city will never be cleared, but the wallets of the citizens will be cleared.
Qu Yingyan

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