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The Betplay League and the FPC returned in form. And yes, he returned as was his custom: controversies, goals, fights and more. In the absence of a match to be played this Tuesday between Cúcuta and Cali (last of date 9) and the postponed Tolima vs. Nacional, Pasto sleeps as the lone leader of the standings.

So, in FUTBOLRED We return to our main ‘Good, bad and ugly’ so that you can know in detail everything that happened over the weekend on day 9 of the FPC.

The good:

And the main thing is that football returned. The country’s League returned and it could be played without problems (except for a controversial game) in the country’s cities.

Deportivo Pasto. The volcanic team won 2-0 over Jaguares and took the lead in the standings. Again, confirming good days from before, Pasto shows good football.

Santa Fe. The red club has not been defeated for 6 games and won 1-2 on Pereira as a visitor. The cardinal box arrives motivated to a tough capital classic of the next day.

America. Although it was not the best match, the expected was done. The scarlet box won at home 2-1 and added three vital points to get into the fight.

Junior. Like America, he won but did not shine. At the last minute he achieved 2-1 over Rionegro Águilas and, on this side, the good news is also that Michael Rangel had his first match with Junior after his return.

Once Caldas. He had his dream match and beat Millonarios 1-3 in Bogotá. Now the big concern will be how to use Dayro Moreno in attack after the great moment of Roberto Ovelar.

The VAR. It is missing that it is in Tolima-Nacional, but it worked correctly in Millonarios vs. Once Caldas and validated two legitimate goals that had been taken as non-existent out of place.

The bad:

Millionaires The blue club was the one that looked the worst and lost home 1-3. Beyond the defeat, the game of the ambassador team left much to be desired and we have to work hard to add the rest and look for a place at 8. They are 16 with 7 points.

Those who just got promoted. Although this year there are no decreases, it also continues to add for the next and Boyacá Chicó and Pereira do not raise their heads: both lost with the capital. Chicó received 4-0 with La Equidad, while Pereira was 1-2 against Santa Fe.

Medellín continues to ratify its terrible moment. It came from a painful defeat in the Copa Libertadores and now lost in the last minutes 1-0 against Alianza Petrolera. There is no game idea.

Patriotas lost 0-1 at home against Envigado and remains the last in the table. Those of Tunja do not even fight to get out of this position and nothing that improves in football.

The arbitration. In several games there was not good refereeing and there were controversies. In Junior, in Santa Fe, in Millonarios (which saved the VAR) … Much to improve in this part.

The ugly:

The novel and controversy of Tolima and Nacional. The game was to be played on Friday and communication problems from the beginning had in doubt the game, which was postponed hours before starting and not since the cases of covid-19 were confirmed. Currently, as Dimayor explained, the club has 13 infections. The novel ended, but the handling of the protocol and the information was not seen well. Also, Nacional broke out for all this scandal.

Stalin Motta’s elbow in La Equidad vs. Boy. The captain jumped badly and hit his rival Jhon González. However, the judge acted well and expelled him from the game with a direct red card.

The controversial:

There were several controversies. One of them was in the Santa Fe vs. Pereira. The first goal of the red box there is an obstruction in the area by Andrés Pérez. The midfielder forgets the ball and goes straight to the player. It could be a foul and the goal was invalidated, but the game continued.

The controversial penalty in Junior vs. Black river. 93 minutes played and the tie remained 1-1. Miguel Borja receives a filtered ball and is thrown before Carlos Bejarano touches him inside the area. From there came the penalty goal and 2-1 for the sharks.

The colorful:

In most matches, the stands were colored in the color of their fans. The fans dropped their flags and sought to support their team from a distance. Now, those who took the biggest prize were the fans of Santa Fe. The mythical ‘Fa Fa Fa’ of the horn that sounds in oriental: it reached Pereira and sounded from the outskirts of the stadium!


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