Liga MX. Antonio Mohamed and the ‘fashion’ promise he made in Toros Neza

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The most elegant. The best dress. The last technical champion. More than 23 years ago, since I was a color player Neza Bulls of the Summer 97 Tournament, Antonio Mohamed He was already very clear about what he was going to be after his time as a player: not only the best technician but the most elegant.

Federico “El Colorado” Lussenhoff, central defender of that team led by Enrique Meza, told Mediotiempo the day that the Turco, then 27 years old, told him that he was going to be the “technician fachero”, what in Mexico we know as a “dandy”.

“I talked a lot with the Turk and always when we got together, because we were going to train with the Turk, Silvio Rudman, Martín Vilallonga; later Germán Arangio joined us, we talked a lot and said that he was going to be a technician,” recalled Lussenhoff by telephone.

I saw a lot of soccer and (I said) it was going to be the best dress; I do not know how they call him in Mexico, the most ‘fachero’ of all in the substitute bank; that he was going to be the technician who dressed the best and who would direct the best. That said at the time. “

El Turco has fulfilled it not only in Mexico but in Spain. On the day of his debut with Celta de Vigo, for example, he appeared in a suit, with his jacket fastened, dark glasses and a bearing according to his presentation in Europe.

‘Toros Neza was a revolutionary team in Mexico’

Lussenhoff, who played in Toros Neza from 96 to 97 and later in Cruz Azul from 2004 to 2005, also related what it meant to have been a player for that Mexican team that reached the Summer 97 Final, which they lost to Chivas.

He became a powerful team with the help of Turco Mohamed, who was the team leader and then some foreigners, more people from Mexico with experience, and young too, with a technician like Ojitos Meza. A very different team was formed than what I experienced throughout my career. With a high share of joy, camaraderie, the human side was spectacular, “recalled the Colorado from Buenos Aires.

“We formed a very tough team, I was very clear about what I was doing on the court and was the revolution in Mexico in those years

But beyond what was done on the field, those Toros Neza, where Guillermo Vázquez and Miguel Herrera were also, were different off the field with their exotic ways of painting their hair, wearing masks for the pre-match photo or hats.

It is a stamp that leaves so much to Mexican soccer as to each one of us who participate; I did not plan to reach such a team, with the experiences that we were going to have, due to the fact to be a team that merged the sporty and competitive with the joyful and revolutionary painting your hair, “he added.

“Going out wearing Mexican hats, doing a number of things for the goals we set … Beyond arriving on the sports side, keeping these promises to give it a happy touch and that touch of joy turned us into a tough, united team.”

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