Light and shadow with new corona data

ROM (dpa-AFX) – In Italy, the latest corona data signal progress in the fight against the pandemic, but the number of newly infected remains high. The so-called R value for the speed of virus transmission in the population fell to around 1.2, as government experts announced in Rome on Friday. In some regions, such as Lazio with the capital Rome, even significantly lower values ​​were calculated.

In the previous week, the number in Italy had averaged 1.4 and before that 1.7. This number shows how many people a person infected with the virus infects on average. If it falls below 1, there are fewer and fewer new infections, so the epidemic is running out.

“We shouldn’t sing victory songs yet. Because the R number is above 1. And that means that the number of cases continues to increase, albeit more slowly,” said the head of the national health institute ISS, Silvio Brusaferro. The authorities in the country with 60 million people registered more than 37,000 new infections within 24 hours on Friday. This value was already higher about a week ago, but it is not falling permanently. In addition, almost 700 people again died in connection with Covid-19 disease. Overall, the number of victims of the pandemic in the Mediterranean country has only been 48,569 dead since February./pky/DP/fba


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