Light Media: The company has a number of animated films in progress. The release schedule has not yet been confirmed, so stay tuned_ 东方

Some investors asked on the investor interactive platform: According to the production time cycle and progress of the animation project, the company’s “Deep Sea”, “Big Fish Begonia 2”, “Last Quiba” and “Phoenix” should be the four major animation movies in the past two years ( 21-22) Can it be released one after another, at least next year? The production of “Deep Sea” is very difficult, and Tian Xiaopeng is very demanding and understandable, but after all, the production cycle is already very long, and I still hope that the company can have a little more control over the timeliness.Whether as a fan orshareholderI sincerely hope that “Deep Sea” will be released in a fixed time next Spring Festival. For the other three works mentioned above, the project and production time is not short. How many materials can be thrown out…

  Light Media(300251.SZ) Said on the investor interactive platform on September 18, Dear investors, hello! The company has many animated films in progress, and the release schedule has not yet been determined, so stay tuned. Although the company does its best to produce content, the production cycle of animated films is very long and it is difficult to increase the volume on a large scale.Company investment, Established a part of animation production companies, which can provide a certain guarantee for the production of investment animation films. The company will strive to increase production, but it will not simply pursue the quantity of works, and more importantly, ensure the quality of works.Thank you viewers for your patience, and thank you for yourLight MediaAttention and support!

(Source: Daily Economic News)

Article source: Daily Economic News

Editor in charge: DF150

Original title: Guangguang Media: The company has many animated films in progress, and the release schedule has not yet been determined, so stay tuned

Solemnly declare: The purpose of this information released by Oriental is to spread more information and has nothing to do with this stand.


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