Lightroom now optimized for Mac M1 馃啎

Chose promise, chose due. Lightroom is Adobe’s first application to be optimized for the Apple Silicon architecture. Note that it is Lightroom “Cloud” (the multiplatform version which relies on online storage) which has been adapted, not yet Lightroom Classic, which will have to wait. next year. The update (version 4.1) is available in le Mac聽App聽Store like through the Creative Cloud utility.

I did a brief comparison on a MacBook Air M1 between Lightroom running via Rosetta 2 and native Lightroom. Exporting 300 RAW (stored locally) as full-size JPEG at 100% quality took 7:53 via Rosetta compared to 5:11 with the optimized version. Suffice to say that the performance gain is significant.

Lightroom on Mac

On the other hand, even optimized for the Apple Silicon architecture, Lightroom is still as demanding in RAM. You just have to scroll through the photo library a bit and then edit a photo for the app to take at least 5 GB of RAM.

By the way, this version 4.1 is also native to Windows ARM computers and supports cameras and cameras. additional goals, including iPhone 12 (including Apple ProRAW format) and iPad Air 4. On iOS, Lightroom now has widgets to quickly open the camera and explore tutorials or guided edits.

Update at 5 p.m .: In blog post Announcing the update, the publisher indicates that it will continue to optimize Lightroom for Apple Silicon and Windows ARM architectures in future versions. Adobe ensures that the improvements will also continue on Intel platforms.


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