Ligue 1: a French-style “boxing day” in 2022-2023

The Board of Directors of the Football League met this Wednesday morning by videoconference to discuss the calendar for the 2022-2023 season impacted by the World Cup scheduled for autumn in Qatar (November 21 to December 18, 2022 ). This necessarily implies changes in the planning of the championship. And they are significant.

On Tuesday, October 6, the FFF calendar commission studied the two versions of the calendar imagined for the next season. His recommendation was for version number 1 in order to avoid having a less dense second part of the season for the players. This is the solution which was adopted this Friday by the administrators of the LFP and which must be definitively validated this Thursday by the executive committee of the Federation. A simple question of form. The championship will therefore begin on the weekend of August 7, 2022 and will end on the weekend of June 3, 2023.

45 days off

This formula will include 4 days scheduled during the week, including 1 before the World Cup and the other 3 after the World Cup. Then France will have its boxing day as has been done for a long time in England, with 1 day placed just after Christmas, that is to say on December 28, and 1 other which will take place on January 1. The players of the French Championship will thus observe 45 days of cut-off between the 15th day scheduled for November 13, and the 16th day of December 28.

This version of the calendar highlights the puzzle of his organization. Indeed, for the first time in the history of a major competition, the French internationals will only be available to the selection one week before the start of the World Cup. They will indeed be free from November 14, while the start of the World Cup is scheduled for November 21 in Doha. Suffice to say that it will be impossible for the staff of the Blues to organize any friendly preparation match.

In addition, the LFP has endorsed the adoption of a new competition format, with the return to 18 clubs in Ligue 1 from the 2023-2024 fiscal year. This is why there will be no play-offs or dams at the end of next season, wanted to remind the LFP. The last four from Ligue 1 will descend to Ligue 2 and the first two from Ligue 2 will join the elite.

The main dates of the 2022-2023 season

July 30, 2022: 1st day of L2

August 6-7: 1st day of L1

September 22-24: Nations League Matchday 5

September 25-27: Nations League Matchday 6

November 12-13: 15th and last day before the World Cup

November 18: opening match of the World Cup

December 18: World Cup final

December 27-28: Day 16 of L1

January 1: 17th day of L1

June 4, 2023: 38th and last day of L1

June 14-18: Final Four Nations League

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