Ligue 1 shutdown: Canal + and BeIN Sports subscribers request reimbursement

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Since mid-March and the start of confinement, there is no longer any football in France, no more Ligue 1 matches live on TV channels and in particular on the channels of the official broadcasters Canal + and BeIN sports. Since that date, however, the price of subscriptions for viewers has not decreased while, at the same time, the offer is very limited.

A collective of subscribers does not find that normal. He requests reimbursement of the monthly subscription for these months without football. Regarding BeIN, the bill is 15 euros per month, for Canal +, the “Sports pack” can climb to 40 euros.

Already in mid-May UFC-Que Choisir encouraged subscribers to request the reimbursement of subscriptions up to the amount of the damage. Canal + replied that it treated each request on a case-by-case basis. BeIN has split a press release: “Customers can cancel if the temporary editorial offer that we offer – replay of the best championships, creation of a 100% NBA channel, programs with athletes in confinement – does not satisfy them not entirely. “

Action in the judicial field

Insufficient for two lawyers, Masters Vincent Durand and Pierre-Henri Julliard who have been gathering for a few days the complaints of subscribers of the two channels: “The subscribers to Canal + and BeIN Sports have been deprived of the matches of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 which should have been broadcast between March 14 and the end of May, without any financial compensation being offered to them. At the same time, broadcasters categorically refused to settle the balance of television rights for the current season and jeopardized the balance of many clubs, arguing that the consideration for paying the rights was absent. A collective action is launched today against Canal + and BeIN sports to request the reimbursement of paid subscriptions for the months of March, April and May “, indicate the authors of the procedure in a press release.

A refund or a donation to his favorite club

They further specify that their action is not a simple petition, but a legal procedure with a fairly simple legal argument: failure to perform an obligation. The two channels by tacit contract with their subscribers should have broadcast the matches expected during the period. This has not been done, so a refund!

“A legal action against each channel will be brought by means of a summons on behalf of the subscribers registered in the collective action before the competent courts”, insists the press release which proposes, if the procedure is successful, two actions subscribers reimbursed: either keep the amount, or donate it to their favorite Ligue 1 or Ligue 2 club to help them overcome the crisis.

Anyone subscribed to Canal + and / or BeIN during the months of March, April and May 2020 can register for the collective on the website.


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