Ligue 1 to 18, a strong impact on the National from next season

The fight for maintenance (here Créteil and Sète) could be intense next season. (Photo Philippe Le Brech)

The desire of the Professional Football League to validate Ligue 1 to 18 before the end of June will have an impact on the National from next season.

As we revealed it on April 18, the Professional Football League wants a transition from Ligue 1 to 18 clubs by 2022-2023. Information confirmed since by several national dailies, in particular The Parisian. The vote should also take place at the beginning of June at the LFP before being ratified at the end of the month by the federal assembly of the French Football Federation.

If Ligue 1 goes to 18 clubs, four clubs will move down to Ligue 2 at the end of next season. But this will inevitably have an impact on all the lower levels. Two additional clubs will thus descend to National and six clubs instead of four will be relegated to National 2 at the end of the 2021-2022 season. But it will be necessary to find a parade because it will be fourteen clubs instead of twelve which will descend in National 3.

Eight clubs out of eighteen relegated to National 2?

This is a first option because the LFP would like Ligue 2 to also increase to eighteen. But a majority of clubs are opposed to this change. It may not be done at the same time as Ligue 1. Otherwise, it would be four additional descents from Ligue 2 in National at the end of next season, and therefore the same thing from National to National 2 Eight clubs out of eighteen would thus be relegated in May 2022, ie almost half!

But this upheaval of the third level of French football would not be viable without arrangements to bring it into the professional fold, given that a good half of the clubs would have pro status. And a reform of the amateur championships (National 2, National 3) will become essential in order to reduce the pyramid. A real project that could nevertheless happen faster than expected by this passage of the League to 18!

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