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ESTAC true to itself (53rd)

On a recovery in its area, Mama Baldé exchanges one, then two, then three passes with Kouamé to bring out the ball between several Nice people.

Touzghar stumbles on a big Benitez (50th)

Right side, Ripart delivers a cross at mid-height. Touzghar stretches out his right foot to resume a volley. Superb reflex parade from Benitez to his right before Atal clears the goal line.

Nice starts again on the same bases (49th)

The Aiglons keep control of the ball and look for a flaw in the axis, with Delort and Dolberg increasing their movements.

Kaboré replaced Y. Koné (46th)

Change for ESTAC at half-time: Youssouf Koné, very active in the first period, gives way to Issa Kaboré. He will occupy the right lane and Biancone passes to the left.

Here we go again !

Nice kicks off the second half and will attack from left to right.

Half-time, Nice caught in the noose of ESTAC

After 20 big minutes rewarded with a goal, Troyes retreated and was able to endure against the Niçois more confident, but who have trouble finding Dolberg and Delort in the area. The entry of Rami in place of El-Hajjam did not disturb ESTAC. Gouiri’s potential could help the Aiglons.

No penalty for Nice (45th + 3)

Delort shifts Boudaoui in the area on the left. The Niçois collapsed on a tackle from Biancone. Mr. Hamel listens briefly to his headset … No penalty for the Aiglons.

Kamara neutralized (45th + 2)

Very active in his left lane, Hassane Kamara is again taken over by an excellent slipped tackle from Giulian Biancone.

4 minutes of added time (45th)

Nice has the ball (44th)

Possession of the ball is 59% in favor of OGC Nice.

Delort sickened by Gallon … for nothing (42nd)

Nice free kick at 25 meters full axis. Stengs crosses to the post on his right. It is put back in the axis for a head of Delort pushed back at point blank range by a reflex of Gallon, but a fault of a Niçois was whistled.

Goal denied in Troyes! (39th)

Trojan counterattack. Biancone is launched on the right in the box as on the first goal and crosses low on the ground. Launched, Touzghar resists Todibo by turning his back to goal and scores an exceptional heel in the middle of the race … But Biancone was offside at the start. Logically refused goal.

Yellow card for … Batlles (37th)

The Trojan coach is in turn warned to have challenged Mr. Hamel’s decisions.

Yellow card for Kouamé (36th)

Guilty of a sole on Mario Lemina in the middle of the field, Rominigue Kouamé is warned.

Kamara does not pass to the left (35th)

Served in his left lane, Hassane Kamara is preceded by the slipped tackle from Biancone who concedes the touch.

Dante misses his cross (33rd)

Nice possession sequence. Troyes retreats more and more. Dante looks for Atal on the right side but misses his crossbar. Goal kick for ESTAC.

Galtier harangues his players (30th)

“Forward, forward,” exclaims the Nice coach. The Eagles settle in the Trojan camp.

Nice insists (29th)

Atal is in demand on the right and center sides. Rami deviates from the head in a bell. Kassane Kamara takes a swing in front of the area but it is countered by … his teammate, Boudaoui. Throw-in for Troyes.

Rami replaces El-Hajjam (27th)

The French world champion Adil Rami is making his debut with ESTAC. He replaces Oualid El-Hajjam, injured, in central defense.

It’s over for El-Hajjam (25th)

The Trojan defender stretched out on the lawn. His left shoulder hurts too much. He will come out.

El-Hajjam hit in the shoulder (23rd)

The Trojan defender fell back badly after a duel. He was treated off the pitch before resuming his seat but continues to touch his shoulder with a grimace.

Nice again to the place (22nd)

Christophe Galtier’s men manage to keep the ball and install their block higher.

Dangerous Nice corner (20th)

Right corner for OGC Nice. Stengs applies a cross to the near post. Delort, in the duel with Ripart, slightly misses his head deflection. It is clearly next to it.

Biancone close to the break (17th)

Youssouf Koné serves the call of Mama Baldé in the left lane. His low cross was taken at the far post by Biancone, but Hassane Kamara pushed the ball back in front of the goal line. Hot shot in the Nice area.

Safe Trojan free kick (17th)

Free kick for ESTAC 25 meters off-center to the right. Chavalerin does not raise his ball enough and Dolberg pushes his center back with his head.

Nice, hot start (15th)

OGC Nice has 16 points after 8 Ligue 1 matches this season, its 3rd best total at this stage in the 21st century behind 2002-03 (17th, 10th overall) and 2016-17 (20th, 3rd overall).

Dolberg stays on the ground (12th)

Kasper Dolberg appears to be suffering from his right shoulder after contact with Mama Baldé. The Danish striker receives treatment on the pitch.

Nice does not see the light of day (10th)

The Aiglons are struggling to cross the first line of Trojan pressing. Their forced direct play does not lead to anything.

Ripart found on a cross (9th)

The Trojans take the time to fix in the axis before moving aside again to the left on Youssouf Koné. Its mid-height center is cut by a sort of Ripart pigeon wing at the far post. Largely next to Benitez’s goal.

Troyes a hundred miles an hour (6th)

ESTAC plays direct by calling on Youssouf Koné on the left side. The latter throws Mama Baldé in depth but he pushes his ball which comes out too much.

Baldé’s goal, Troyes leads 1-0! (4th)

Ripart’s clever heel to launch Biancone to the right into the box. The Nice defense is caught failing and the Troyen center back. Mama Baldé, launched from the penalty spot, takes a shot from the unstoppable right for Walter Benitez.

Troyes turned to attack (2nd)

Mama Baldé shifts Youssouf Koné to the left. His cross at the far post was pushed back with a header by Hassane Kamara in front of Renaud Ripart.

Let’s go !

The kick-off is given by ESTAC which will attack from left to right. Make way for the game.

The players enter the lawn

The sun is shining in the Trojan sky. The temperature is around 15 degrees.

Nice with Atal, Dolberg and Delort

The duo Dolberg-Delort is aligned in attack in the 4-4-2 of the Aiglons. Todibo and Dante form the central hinge. Youcef Atal is there on the right side. Gouiri is on the bench. Melvin Bard is injured.

OGC Nice 11: Benitez – H. Kamara, Dante, Todibo, Atal – Stengs, Lemina, Rosario, Boudaoui – Dolberg, Delort

Troyes with Ripart, Baldé and Touzghar

Mama Baldé is preferred to Tristan Dingomé in attack in the 3-4-3 Trojans, alongside Touzghar and Ripart. Adil Rami is present but on the bench.

The 11 de Troyes: Gallon – Salmier, Giraudon, El-Hajjam – Y. Koné, Chavalerin, Kouamé, Biancone – M. Baldé, Touzghar, Ripart

Nice is riding the wave

By winning its two games late, OGC Nice would be the dolphin of PSG 5 points behind the leader. The Aiglons, who have conceded only 4 goals in 8 Ligue 1 days, feel the full force of Christophe Galtier.

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In Troyes, the grayness

With a victory in 9 matches, ESTAC is in 17th place which does not do justice to its game. “Last season, we had a lot more possession in the opposing camp while this season, we are more in a game. of transition ”, underlined the trainer Laurent Batlles in our columns.

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Hello everyone !

Welcome to to follow this match of the 10th day of Ligue 1 between Troyes and OGC Nice! Kick-off scheduled for 1:00 p.m. at the Aube stadium.


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