Ligue 2: a big warning for the leader

This Sunday morning, the players of Paris FC were summoned for training at 10 am. Rather unusual this season… But René Girard wanted to mark the occasion. Rather calm after the match, the Parisian coach should give them a serious explanation of text, cold. He Parisian coach did not really appreciate the debacle of his team against Auxerre (0-3). Irresistible in recent weeks, the leader of the L2, who remained on five consecutive victories, was unrecognizable and sank after a disastrous start (two goals conceded in 9 minutes). “If we had continued like this, we would have taken six,” said Captain Cyril Mandouki. Slips, lost balls and misunderstandings… Second defense (7 goals conceded) before this match, Paris FC showed a very unusual feverishness. Like Ousmane Kanté, just back from a double confrontation against Chad with his selection of Guinea in the CAN qualifiers, the Parisians plunged physically.

“We are going to dissect the bodies to find out where it comes from,” says René Girard. There, I do not explain it to myself… It is a little too big to be true. When you’re not good about yourself, you make mistakes. In addition to this failed start, we were apathetic. It is this lack of reaction which is the most surprising. In an attempt to wake up his team, the Parisian coach made three changes at half-time and even offered his first minutes in L2 to the young (17) Check Ousmane Diakité. But that didn’t change anything.

René Girard: “I will think until the end that the main danger is us”

While a big series of matches is looming between now and the truce (Grenoble, Sochaux, Troyes, Clermont, Guingamp), the leader who keeps five points in advance will have to quickly show his reaction capacities. This team was not necessarily programmed to race at the top of the L2 in this way. For the past two weeks, she has received a little more media coverage than usual. The wait for a second Parisian club in L1 is real. Now under scrutiny, the Parisians will have to assume this new status over the long term. Many players who come from National have never experienced this situation. In his speeches, René Girard has, moreover, always hammered home this need for vigilance.

“As I have been repeating for several weeks, we haven’t won anything yet,” he said. This defeat is a warning but I give them regularly. I will think until the end that the main danger is us. We will therefore have to question ourselves a little to go to Grenoble more armed. “

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