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Ligue 2: Paris FC, an air of Corsica in the capital

A few years ago, when Jean-Baptiste Pierazzi played for Paris FC, a Corsican flag flew at every match in the stands of Charléty. The presence since 2012 of Pierre Ferracci, a native of Ajaccio, as president and majority shareholder has made Paris FC the most Corsican club on the continent in L2. There are many links with Beauty Island. Thierry Laurey also trained in Corsica for three years (2013-2016) at Gazélec Ajaccio, which he promoted to L1. Paris FC also has a Corsican player, defender Thibault Campanini (currently injured) in his squad.

If his “heart club” remains the Gazélec Ajaccio, Pierre Ferracci, like all Corsicans, vibrated in front of the epic of SC Bastia during the 1978 UEFA Cup (finalist) or during the victory in the French Cup in 1981. The president of the PFC with a thick address book, is close to certain political and economic circles in Corsica. Frequently asked to invest in an island club, he always declined politely and preferred to develop the project of a second major Parisian club. “If I can help and connect people, I do, but getting personally involved in Corsica has never been possible, mainly for professional reasons,” said the Alpha group boss.

“I consider that to support and develop a project, you have to be a minimum present on a daily basis,” he continues. With my group which occupied me a lot of time, I did not have the possibility of coming regularly to Corsica, except for weekends and holidays in my free time. Today, it would have been easier because I am gradually distancing myself from Groupe Alpha (Editor’s note: he will pass the baton definitively by 2024). But I am now fully engaged with Paris FC. The Parisian project hooked me from the start, even if it is difficult, it is fascinating. “

In 2017, Paris FC was drafted in L2 following the bankruptcy of SC Bastia

In July 2017, the Corsican president acknowledged that he had “shared feelings”. The filing of the balance sheet of SC Bastia and its demotion to N3, had indeed allowed Paris FC, unfortunate barragista against Orleans two months earlier, to be drafted in L2 and begin its growth. The SCB has returned from hell to regain professionalism and L2 this season. The two clubs have a close relationship. Twice last March, when their National match in Laval was postponed and at the end of October after their trip to Auxerre, the Corsican team was able to train at the facilities of Orly, on loan from Paris FC.

“We have very good relations with Claude Ferrandi (the president of Bastia). We discuss and exchange often. Like me when I arrived in this environment, he is learning. He is a supporter of Bastia as we all are, but he is a thoughtful person, who has a sense of reality and who is not going to be overwhelmed by passion. With his brothers, he is a recognized business leader in Corsica and a very good manager. ”

Pierre Ferracci has also established relations with Pierre-Noël Luiggi, the other shareholder in Bastia, CEO of Oscaro, who has long been one of the sponsors of Paris FC. “With Claude Ferrandi, they helped to establish the structure of the club,” said Pierre Ferracci. Succeeding in the existence of regional clubs is less straightforward than before, but they are back on track. Their legal structure as a cooperative is interesting and deserves to be looked at carefully and kindly. »

The president of Paris FC believes that the “common point between (his) club and the Corsican clubs must be the will to develop the formation. “At Paris FC, we owe it to ourselves to have young Franciliens from our training in the pro team as we are currently showing with the Camara, Hadjam, Diakité and others who arrive like Koré,” continues Pierre Ferracci. It is also a question of identity valid for Corsica. The model for the future is to invest in training. In Corsica, AC Ajaccio, unlike my favorite club, understood the Gazélec Ajaccio, which I am sorry to see today in N3. SC Bastia must follow the path shown by the ACA. »

Among the Corsican players in Bastia is Dumé Guidi, whose uncle Jean-Charles Orsucci, the mayor of Bonifacio who will be in the stands of Charléty, is also close to Pierre Ferracci and his son Marc. “There are a lot of links around this match but it won’t stop us from trying to beat Bastia,” concluded Pierre Ferracci with a smile.

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