Like Alysson, who committed suicide, Arnaud launched himself in the midst of the Covid crisis: “I have just opened my hairdressing salon”

Like Alysson, who committed suicide, Arnaud embarked on the Covid turmoil.

Arnaud Sculier is 24 years old. It was also the age of Liégeoise Alysson Jadin, who died in the night from Monday to Tuesday. She had been a barber for 3 months on the basis of an initial investment of € 25,000. L’Écaussinnois opened its barber salon, “Arnow”, on September 1 after investing € 20,000. Both cut their teeth for a few years with bosses before setting off independently, in accordance with an absolute goal they had set themselves many years ago. “As soon as I held my first pair of scissors, I knew that sooner or later I would have my living room”, illustrates Arnaud.

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