“Like in the Hotel California”

“With data it’s like in the ‘Hotel California’,” says Antonio Neri. “You know, that song from the Eagles. Once inside, you don’t get out so easily – whether you want to or not. ”Checking out, the band once sang, is possible at any time, there is no compulsion to stay. In practice, however, one can hardly escape the place. “If we then look at the IT industry with all the data centers, data clouds and data services, we see a lot in common here.” Why?

The CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) has the answers ready: data is a valuable asset, but the technologies that surround it are complicated. There are many different systems on the market. Switching from one to the other is difficult and expensive.

Neri wants to change that. “We have developed technologies with which tried and tested IT tools and software can be brought into the new era.” You can jump from cloud to cloud without losing your data. HPE not only offers virtual services for this, the group also has tangible products on offer: computer systems, network and storage systems.

Neri is sitting in his office near San Francisco in a yellow T-shirt. He talks about data clouds and edge computing, digital platforms and software, about the consequences of the corona pandemic and the economic crisis. The sun is blinking through the blinds behind him, the computer is in front of him. A new morning in the Bay Area – the cradle of the IT industry.

Antonio Neri, Chef von HPE

Antonio Neri, Chef von HPE

Image: dpa

“The market is growing,” he says. He wants to cut off a thicker piece of it again. The IT industry is one of the largest industries in the world. It makes $ 4,500 billion a year. Ascending trend. “In times like these, IT not only keeps the economy going, it also keeps society together,” says Neri. Offers like Zoom connect everyone with everyone else, streaming services like Netflix are booming, and Internet retailers are growing in sales. And HPE?


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