like never before, this large plunging neckline raises the temperature on the canvas

Lola Marois is the sulphurous wife of comedian Jean-Marie Bigard. They have two children together, twins. The 38-year-old is a singer and actress. But it is often her plastic that is talked about in the media and on social networks. A phenomenon that she certainly claims so much she knows how to stage herself in alluring photos. Far from being provocative, Lola Marois simply knows her potential perfectly. Also, it once again capsizes the hearts of Internet users in a cliché that will stimulate the imagination of its admirers.

Lola Marois stirred up internet users with a striking snapshot

Lola Marois, as an actress, knows how to strike a pose and arouse the admiration of her subscribers. But one of his latest posts on Instagram will not be confined to being seen by his fans. Indeed, it will go around the Web, leaving the leisure to all interested Internet users to take a look. And how to resist such a vision as that proposed by the young actress? Impossible to remain unmoved in front of such a piece of woman, full of charisma. As intriguing as she is fascinating, Lola Marois fills her fans with happiness by sharing photos of her. But some of her poses or outfits can sometimes shock those who don’t know her.

Indeed, she does not hesitate to showcase herself. And being married to the king of provocateurs, because of her saucy humor and her disdain for political correctness, she will not be shy either. Very accomplices, lovers actually share this love of the true spoken word and do not intend to censor themselves. Slender waist, endless legs and glowing eyes, Lola Marois never ceases to ignite the Web. And this time it is in an apparently banal outfit that she attracts all eyes. The singer and actress wears a t-shirt with a zipper on her chest. A closure that she casually opened before taking a picture of herself and sharing this image on social networks. So that’s worth almost 12,000 likes in less than 24 hours and hundreds of comments praising it.

The actress and singer is as beautiful as she is talented

Lola Marois let his admirers compete in originality to declare their flames to him. Because if she is sensitive to the compliments of her fans, there is only one man capable of really making an impact on her. You will have understood it, it is about the one whom she nicknames her “king”, her husband Jean-Marie Bigard. The passion that unites them burns in them with a flame that they wish eternal. The lovers then do everything to maintain this alchemy that brings them together. The attentions of his fans may well be appreciated by Lola Marois, the one who will dethrone the man of his life in his heart is not yet born. Now that they have found each other, they are no longer likely to let go.

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