Lil Pump insulte Eminem

The famous clash of generations …

The end of the year normally rhymes with happiness, joy, appeasement in the family, but not for everyone. Instead of spending a quiet Christmas, Eminem decided to put himself in danger again by releasing a project, a kind of extension of “Music To Be Murdered By”, December 18. As in every new Slim Shady album, there is its share of clashes and polemical phases. It is obviously the rising tension between Em ‘and Snoop Dogg that people talk about the most. Tired of all the fuss (or maybe jealous) another unexpected rapper decided to join the dance: Lil Pump.

So yes, we see you coming, we already know who will win at the end of this clash, but that will not prevent us from laughing about it and keeping you informed. Lil Pump, who obviously got up on the wrong foot, sent Eminem several spades in recent days: “Fuck Eminem, you suck as hell. Nobody listens to your music anymore old man”. Dj Akademiks, who is on the lookout for each new story (especially if there is a beef in it) was quick to relay, causing reactions from the Web.

In particular that of Royce da 5’9 “, great friend ofEminem long standing that does not go with the back of the spoon: “I’m going to hit him in his glasses so hard that they’re going to land in another musical genre. I’m not a haters but I’m fed up with all these fragile people who are tough … Take advantage, you make money thanks to the misappropriation of our culture when you are only a good for nothing “. The nerves are strained in the rap game at the end of the year …

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