Lil Wayne: Rapper is on trial for gun ownership

Lil Wayne
Rapper has to go to court over gun possession

Lil Wayne faces up to ten years in prison

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Lil Wayne is in trouble with the law again: The US rapper has to stand trial for unauthorized possession of guns.

Lil Wayne (38, “Lollipop”) faces a long prison sentence. The rapper is accused of illegal possession of weapons by the US authorities. The Florida state attorney filed charges on Tuesday (November 17th). That reports including the US celebrity portal “TMZ”. Lil Wayne has to appear in court next month. If convicted, he faces up to ten years in prison.

In December 2019, a gun, ammunition and drugs were found in the rapper’s luggage in his private jet in Miami. Lil Wayne was convicted of illicit gun possession in 2009 and was imprisoned for almost a year. As a convicted criminal, he is not allowed to own a weapon.


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