Lille University Hospital warns as overdoses of vitamin D multiply

If vitamin D is recommended by certain publications to prevent infection with Covid-19, the CHU recommends the greatest caution, cases of overdose are increasing.

The beneficial role of vitamin D in preventing Covid-19 is regularly suggested by a large number of publications.

But beware, the Lille University Hospital has noted in recent days an increase in cases of overdose of vitamin D. The risks are multiple, patients can suffer from side effects, which range from nausea to coma.

The caregivers therefore intend to dispel the received ideas that may circulate on this subject and they recommend turning to a doctor, before considering such a treatment, to avoid any risk of overdose.

“It’s not a miracle cure”

“Vitamin D is not a miracle cure for Covid-19”, alert Professor Bernard Cortet, rheumatologist and Dr Julien Tison from the Anti-Poison Center of the Lille University Hospital.

Nevertheless, they note that “Vitamin D insufficiency may constitute a risk factor for severe forms of Covid-19 in patients with other risk factors (obesity, advanced age, chronic disease)”.

Taking it also does not guarantee to avoid being infected with Covid-19, even if “benefiting from a satisfactory vitamin D status is recommended in the event of a positive test”, indicates the Lille University Hospital.

⚠ Beware of vitamin D ⚠ A lot of information is circulating on taking vitamin D against Covid-19 ???? here …

Published by CHU de Lille sure Friday, January 29, 2021

The Lille hospital recommends that patients who have questions to talk about it with their attending physician, who can prescribe a vitamin D supplement, reimbursed by Social Security.

In case of doubt or poisoning, the poison control center can be contacted on

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