Lily Ebert, 97, testifies about the Holocaust on TikTok

Every Monday, International mail invites you to discover an influencer. This week, Lily Ebert. At 97, helped by her great-grandson, the Auschwitz survivor testifies and answers Internet users’ questions so that this memory is not lost.

“I never thought I would become a mother, let alone a great-grandmother. Because I didn’t think I would survive Auschwitz. I ended up having three children, ten grandchildren and thirty-four great-grandchildren, and I am so grateful. Each birth has been an invaluable gift for me. ”

One of these great-grandchildren is named Dov Forman, and it is thanks to him that the memories of Lily Ebert, 97, can be listened to, in small capsules, on TikTok.. “It is very important that the world knows what happened to us, because there are not many of us left, she says in one of those short videos. What will happen when we are all gone, when already today, deniers say it did not happen? We have to be very strong and say it over and over and over again: it happened. ”

As she tells it in the London daily The Times, Lily Ebert was born in Hungary to a Jewish family of six children, of which she is the eldest. In 1944, after the invasion of Hungary by the Nazis, she was deported to Auschwitz, where part of her family was put to death directly in the gas chambers. Lily is put to work in the camp and will be released in April 1945.

A long journey

She subsequently married, lived in Israel, and later in the UK. But addressing his experience was not possible for a long time. In Israel, it’s silence “Both national and personal” which then prevails on the subject of the Shoah. “It was both a personal and a collective trauma”, she confides to Times of Israel.

The loss of her husband, the work she undertook with a trauma specialist, and finally a first return to Auschwitz in 1988 were all steps that led Lily Ebert to express her pain, to overcome the trauma and to want to share his experience. “Since then, she has told her story countless times, whether in the British Parliament or in primary schools – including those attended by her grandchildren,” relate le journal


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