Lima: Medical students treated patients with COVID-19, posing as doctors

Two alleged doctors were arrested yesterday in San Juan de Miraflores in Lima, while they were treating patients with symptoms of COVID-19. The detainees carried out the taking of ‘X’ rays to detect the degree of deterioration of the lungs in possible patients with coronavirus.

The alleged doctors also printed radiological reports affixing the seal and signature of other doctors, committing the crime of identity theft.

When questioned by the Police, they confessed that they were not doctors but students of the eighth cycle of human medicine. “We are studying at Alas Peruanas University. We are in the eighth cycle ”, declared one of the detainees.

The owner of the establishment where these students worked, claimed to have hired them due to need. “I did, because I tested positive for COVID-19, but I needed to work,” he told the PNP.

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