“Limited Express” stops at each station on the Takao Line in Keio- “Express” and the stopped station are reversed- | Railway News | Posted on March 13, 2022 | Railfan railf.jp

From the timetable revision on Saturday, March 12, 2022 (Keio 4), Keio Electric Railway will add Sasazuka / Chitose Karasuyama and Takao Line (Keio Katakura / Yamada / Hazama) to the “Limited Express” stop. , It became the same stop as the “Semi Special Express” that was driving until March 11th (Friday) the day before. On the Takao Line and Sagamihara Line, you can see “limited express” all day long.
On the Takao Line, there are also three “express trains” that go up on weekday mornings and one down on Saturdays and holidays. The stop stations are Kitano, Mejirodai, Takao, and Takao Yamaguchi, which are the same as the “Limited Express” before the revision, and the hierarchical relationship between the “Semi Special Express” and the stop stations was reversed. There is a reversal with “Limited Express”.

Photo: At Keio Katakura 2022-3-12
Posted by: Yasuhiro Miyamoto

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