Limited time offer .. Apple iPhone 11 bought for only 9800 EGP

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Fans of the luxury American Apple brand around the world are waiting for everything new from its most famous iPhone phone, where their number exceeds millions, but the high price of the phone makes it difficult for many, but this time it is easy to own the latest versions of the famous apple, which is an iPhone 11 64 GB with an attractive offer For 9800 pounds.

According to the technical iPhone Arena, one of the offers offered by the famous eBay e-retail platform allows you to easily buy the iPhone 11 for only US $ 619, which is equivalent to 9800 EGP.

To get a 64 GB version of the iPhone 11 against this tempting offer, it is also available to download the latest operating system from Apple, which is IOS 13.

It is reported that the iPhone 11 phone was released in 2019 by Apple, California, USA, and the phone offers an ideal performance, compared to its current price.

The iPhone 11 comes with a 6.1-inch screen, with 64GB internal memory, and a 3100mAh battery, in black.

You can get the phone here


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