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Lin Zhijian’s essay on the truth of the door revealed?She shocked 3 points: the “deforestation team” are these 5 people – Politics – Zhongshi News Network

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[Full subtitles]Accused of plagiarism!Going to the North Prosecutor’s Office for the first time to sue “Weng Dari” for harming his reputation, Gao Hongan choked: No one is allowed to maliciously slander @中shinews.com​

Lin Zhijian, a former DPP mayor candidate for Taoyuan, was successively revoked his master’s degree by National Taiwan University and Chung Hwa University for plagiarism of his master’s thesis. Today (27), Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei revealed the truth of Lin Zhijian’s case on Facebook, calling out, “The deforestation team is Chen Mingtong, He Lixing, Tsai Ing-wen, Zheng Wencan, Zheng Yunpeng, and the people. Joining the party, it is far from the KMT or me, Lin Zhijian is undoubtedly self-destructing, and there is no need to drag others.” This sparked a discussion.

Wang Hongwei emphasized on Facebook, “Lin Zhijian’s dissertation case has finally come to the fore, double killing masters, but during the process, there are many interested people on the Internet, releasing a lot of false news.” Therefore, Wang Hongwei also made 3 points. First of all, “Lin Zhijian’s dissertation case” There are rumors that it was the DPP infighting or the Central Committee of the Kuomintang gave Wang Hongwei information and asked Wang Hongwei to expose it.” In this part, Wang Hongwei pointed out that this is wrong information, Lin Zhijian’s thesis case, especially Chung Hwa University, is her spontaneous investigation. Lin Zhijian’s paper, on June 21 this year, she assigned the assistant to collect relevant information. When the assistant GOOGLE Lin Zhijian’s paper, the title of his paper “Assessing the Satisfaction of Residents of a Science Park in China Using the TCSI Model” was accidentally entered as “A Science Park”. ”, I did not expect to find that the Bamboo Branch Administration issued a contract in 1997 for a 450,000-yuan bid for “Assessing the Satisfaction of Residents of Hsinchu Science Park by TCSI Model”.

Wang Hongwei also said that when the assistant reported to her, they were divided. She asked the Legislative Councilor’s Office to read the bidding documents. On June 22, the assistant went directly to the Chung Hwa University Library and the Institute of Technology Management, where Lin Zhijian graduated, to inspect Lin Zhijian’s work. The original paper and the contents of the report related to the bid, but only found that the original paper of Lin Zhijian was published in August. Wang Hongwei emphasized, “I would particularly like to condemn Legislator Ke Jianming’s claim that we have infiltrated the Chung Hwa University library. This is a totally false accusation. Our office colleagues went in and out with the knowledge of the school.” Later, the Legislative Yuan reviewed the bidding documents. After the office assistants compared them verbatim, it was just like what she disclosed on July 5. Lin Zhijian Chungwa University plagiarized 87% of the report of the Bamboo Science Administration. The plagiarism of “Quality Monthly” that Ren Lingtao discovered again, plagiarized 94% of the content in total. Wang Hongwei said, “All the information is based on our own investigation, comparison and judgment, and there is no so-called situation provided by the DPP or others.”

As for “Lin Zhijian’s thesis case, some people say that it was too early to give the DPP a chance to replace people. Is there any other consideration in choosing this time point?” Wang Hongwei said, as mentioned earlier, “Lin Zhijian’s thesis is our personal Investigation, comparison and judgment, everyone in the office is actually quite shocked at the moment, because this is definitely a historical academic scandal. Anyone who sees such solid evidence, issues involving public interests, and more political calculations must be put aside. Let Lin Zhijian treat Taiwan’s higher education as an idiot.” Wang Hongwei said frankly that today is not a political attack and defense. Whether Lin Zhijian is elected or not, whether the DPP has room for attack or defense, he must explain to the public that it is not shameful to have the courage to admit mistakes, but it is a pity The thing is, Lin Zhijian and the DPP chose to be tough and unwilling to admit their mistakes. Even if they quit the election, the whole party still chooses to escort plagiarism.

Finally, as to whether there is a deforestation group within the Kuomintang, Wang Hongwei also bluntly said, “I can tell you very clearly, as far as I know, there is none, and if there is one, I would not participate. I would say that there is an existence that is closest to the “deforestation group” , not us nor all the people who questioned Lin Zhijian, the real deforestation team is the team who asked him to help him to the end when he was exposed to plagiarism. The real deforestation team was the one who assisted him in plagiarism when he was studying in the past Chen Mingtong, teacher He Lixing, and everyone who knew about it and did not stop it.”

In the end, Wang Hongwei pointed out 5 people, “The deforestation team is Chen Mingtong, He Lixing, Tsai Ing-wen, Zheng Wencan, Zheng Yunpeng, and the DPP. It is far from the KMT or me. Lin Zhijian is undoubtedly self-destructing. In the future, there is no need to drag others.”

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