Lin Zhijian’s thesis case is in trouble!National Taiwan University’s “veteran-level celebrity” appeared and spoke to the riots-Politics-China Time News

Facebook users leave a message. (Picture / Retrieved from Xu Jielin’s Facebook)

The DPP Taoyuan mayoral candidate Lin Zhijian was caught in the storm of “thesis gate”, and related disputes continued to rage. Xu Jielin, the first dean of social sciences at National Taiwan University, made a public statement yesterday (29), hoping that all professors will show their academic conscience, uphold academic objectivity and fairness, and face the treatment bravely. . The article sparked heated discussions, with a large number of netizens expressing shock, anger and emotion.

Xu Jielin posted on Facebook at 11:23 p.m. yesterday (29) that he was the first dean of social sciences at National Taiwan University and had been retired for 23 years. In order to defend the reputation of the Academy of Social Sciences, I hope that all professors will show their academic conscience, and at the same time uphold an objective and impartial academic attitude, and face it bravely.

Xu Jielin pointed out that he remembered that during his tenure as dean, the Institute of the Three Principles of the People was renamed the National Development Institute, hoping to become a center for cultivating talents for the country. Xu stressed that Taiwanese people must not forget Fu Sinian’s spirit, and the academic world should not be stigmatized by politics, because scholars are workers of conscience, and they also play the role of supervising the government. , must not compromise with the establishment.”

After this article was published, the response was enthusiastic, and netizens poured into Xu Jielin’s Facebook and “Zhongshi News Network” to leave a message: “Wow, I actually alarmed Mr. Xu Jielin to speak!” “Mr. Xu thank you for your contribution and defense to Taiwan’s academics, I would like to pay tribute to you”, “Professor Xu’s remarks are thought-provoking, and I sincerely admire it. It is like a dark room for thousands of years, a bright light”, “A thousand people are not as good as a scholar! Praise!” Washing academic qualifications, and then mastering power resources, political achievements are all packaged.”, “Politics and power make people fascinated, and many professors are now cheap imperial professors.”

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