Lin Zibo and his children returned to Hong Kong for vacation and asked Wang Mingquan to drink tea, and was praised by his sister for being very caring (19:10) – 20230716 – SHOWBIZ

2023-07-16 11:14:00

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Lin Zibo, who has immigrated to the UK, recently returned to Hong Kong with his children and met Wang Mingquan (sister) for tea. The sister posted a photo with Zibo’s family on the social platform, and the sister sent a “blessing” to them. The elder sister wrote: “Today (yesterday) in the calligraphy class, my old colleague Lin Zibo and his children returned to Hong Kong for vacation from the UK. They came to visit me and were very considerate. I wrote the word “Fu” to wish his family peace and happiness. I was very lucky. I went to drink tea afterward, and the children had a great time.” Auntie attended the event today (16th) and praised Lin Zibo for being very caring. Once she returned to Hong Kong, she brought her children to invite her to drink tea. She also said that the two sisters and younger brothers have grown up , and said with a smile that drinking tea is always better in Hong Kong.

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