Linda Hardy very worried for her health which is at its worst, she confides with an open heart and tells us everything

Linda Hardy’s latest posts on Instagram are causing controversy. Distrustful, her community is afraid that something will happen!

Linda Hardy and danger?

This month of June 2021, we will never forget it. Besides, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us can largely attest to this. When they learned that Linda Hardy would no longer appear in the cast of the series, a wind of boycott blew on the Web. How is it that TF1 took such a decision? So, as if to reassure them, he proposed to two huge actors to join this great adventure. Moreover, in This article, Objeko’s writing gave you Catherine Jacob’s point of view. Fortunately his friend Francis Perrin is there to help him find his bearings. Since he is used to this kind of format, he will provide him with valuable advice.

Top start for a new life!

As this poll proves, viewers believe that nothing and no one can replace Linda Hardy in the role of Clementine. She put so much freshness and benevolence in it that it will be difficult to turn the page! As for the actress, she takes this departure with philosophy. “For me, the end of an adventure above all symbolizes the possibility of living new ones. ” Besides, behind the scenes, she has so much to do! Between promoting her book and posting on social media, she never gets bored. In addition, she made a moving confidence to our colleagues. “I have spent a lot more time with my son since I stopped filming in Sète. He is very happy to be able to take more advantage of me. And me too !”Has the circle come full circle? Not quite !

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) lindahardy_officiel

When we analyze the content of Linda Hardy’s page, we realize how sweetness seems to reign in her character. Since her title of Miss France, she has gained ground and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all those who have crossed her paths! Imagine, she even had a flash romance with Johnny Hallyday! Yes, yes, Laeticia is green with envy! The day after the broadcast of the last episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, the actress does not seem at the best of her form. And for good reason, she shows us that she has a “mysterious little ball” at the level of the lip. What happened to make her beautiful smile tarnish like that? Objection keep your fingers crossed that this is temporary!

This incident that could have ruined everything

Obviously, since they learned the news, fans of Linda Hardy ask her a lot of questions. In short, they want to make the diagnosis instead of the health professional. Grateful for this unwavering support, she promises to let us know as soon as things change. And she keeps her word! “In fact, I bit my lip at one point and it created a bruise so that was it. ” Always positive, she even says that between the time of the discovery of the lump and her appointment with the doctor, ”it started to decrease enormously“.

Phew, honor is save for Linda Hardy. She will also redo a post in this direction. “Jhave almost nothing left. In fact, it is a small ball of blood which formed, it goes away little by little so I have to wait for it to be completely resolved ” And for those who are wondering if there isn’t something that can be done to stop this nasty worry forever, she has got everything answered. “We could possibly do something with the laser, but a priori, everything is fine“. As always, it balances the hearts of Internet users. In these times of unprecedented health and economic crisis, we need to have people like that around us. Better than anyone, they manage to make us smile in all circumstances. Thank you to her for shining so much on the Web. We can’t wait to know about his next projects for the start of the school year! Objection wish him a well-deserved holiday and especially in the company of his beloved son!

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