Linda Weber and Erhan Murat soon in front of the assizes

The Namur Assize Court will have to hear two cases in the coming weeks. On February 22, she will begin the trial of the Dinantaise Linda Weber, prosecuted for the murder of her husband Richard Piron, committed in Dinant on May 1, 2019.

That day, around 10 p.m., Richard Piron, born November 25, 1958, was killed at his home in Sorinnes, rue Taravisée, following an argument with his wife. The latter, Linda Weber, repeatedly opened fire on her husband with a 22LR pistol. According to our information, several bullet holes were observed. “She confesses to having shot him several times“, confirmed a few days later the prosecution of Namur. The day after her arrest, Linda Weber was placed under arrest warrant on the count of murder.”She is devastated“, confirmed his lawyer, Me Gilles Gruslin, a few days after the facts. “She loved him and didn’t want to come to such an act.”

Questioned by us at the time, a neighbor found that the Piron-Weber couple, who lived upstairs in a contemporary house with four facades, denoted in this neighborhood, seeming a little marginal, close to the quarter-world. A couple described as having problems with alcoholic beverages and in which violent arguments were frequent. So much so that on several occasions, Linda Weber took refuge with a neighbor and that the latter had to take her to the hospital for treatment.

On May 17, the trial of Erhan Murat, from Sambreville, will begin. On September 14, 2018, around 11:30 p.m., a fight over a sum of 2,000 euros broke out between Erhan Murat, the manager of the café Les Dsiettes, located chaussée de Charleroi in Vitrival and a client, Raphaël Warnant, said “The Grand Wan“, a 34-year-old resident of Bioul. The manager stabbed the victim twice, hitting him in the left ear and in the left thoracic region. The latter died after an attempt at resuscitation lavished by the mayor of Fosses and doctor, Gaëtan de Bilberling After 2 days on the run, Murat surrendered to the police… Before being released from prison 13 months later to carry out the rest of his preventive home detention, to the despair of relatives by Raphaël Warnant.

Ehran Murat is well known to justice. In 2002, he was sentenced to the Assizes in Namur for having provided his friend David Orlando, known as Charly, with the 357 Magnum that the latter had used to shoot down the gendarmerie adjutant Primo Pauletig during the Walloon Festival on September 18, 2000. The court had sentenced him to three years in prison. The same year, he was sentenced before the Namur Criminal Court to 18 months in prison for the robbery of the Moignelée post office in July 1996 as well as for the theft three months later of Alain Soreil’s Mercedes, better known at the material time under the pseudonym of Albert Cougnet.


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