Lindsay gets a divorce, but the judge orders her to return naked snaps of her to her ex-husband!

After filing for divorce from her husband in April 2021, Lindsay finally got what she was asking for last month. During the verdict, the American from Utah nevertheless did not expect that the judge in charge of the procedure was going to oblige her. The magistrate indeed considered that, despite the separation, Lindsay had to return to her her ex-husband her album of naked pictures of her that she had offered him.

Chris will therefore have to recover the photos, starting in November. Lindsay is only allowed to edit them in order to hide her nudity. Concern ? The photographer who took the pictures does not want to retouch them. The woman deplores the court decision to our American colleagues, and speaks of a “violation of her privacy” or even a “misogyny of the Utah judicial system”.

Lindsay explains that the photo album was an initiative to rekindle the laziness of the couple. Chris himself says: “I cherish these beautiful memories that we have made over the years (…) and I intend to remember the good side of things even after our divorce (…) I only seek to preserve the handwritten love letters that the album contains”.

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