Line Renaud vaccinated, “an act of collective solidarity” according to her

At 92, the actress is one of the first celebrities over 75 to be vaccinated. For her, it is “a matter of life for oneself and for others».

Line Renaud will not have wasted time. The 92-year-old actress and singer was vaccinated against Covid-19 on Monday in Rueil-Malmaison, in the Hauts-de-Seine, where she lives. Obviously delighted with this initiative, the former reviewer described the vaccination as “act of collective solidarity».

«I was reluctant. Instead, I decided to wait. Faced with the scale of the epidemic, I decided to go there. And I’m glad I made the decision», Declared Line Renaud, shortly after receiving the injection at the vaccination center of his town.

«What I can tell people who are still reluctant is that it is a matter of life for oneself and for others. It is an act of collective solidarity», Added the singer, very popular in France. “I have immense confidence in science. We artists are the conveyors of emotion. Researchers are conveyors of life. They all have my admiration“, Said Line Renaud.

Until then reserved for certain priority groups including nursing home residents or caregivers, vaccination is now accessible to those 75 and over who do not live in retirement homes (5 million people). In addition, there are nearly 800,000 people with “high risk“(Chronic renal failure, cancer under treatment …). To show the example, in addition to Line Renaud, seven French Nobel Prize winners must be vaccinated publicly during the day.


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