LINE WEBTOON popular manga adaptation “Gentle Cell: Puzzles” starts pre-login-Bahamut

The Korean game company SKYWALK’s professional development puzzle game Studio “Pebblewalk” announced that the popular Korean web comic “Soft Cell Young General” with a cumulative click-through rate of over 3.4 billion will soon release a puzzle match-3 game, which has been opened on dual game platforms beforehand Log in.

The new mobile game “Pebblewalk” developed by the Korean game company SKYWALK’s professional development puzzle game Studio “Pebblewalk”Gentle Cell Young General: Jigsaw Puzzle“Is created by the well-known IP of LINE WEBTOON’s popular comics “The Gentle Cellular Boy”. “Gentle Cell Young Master” uses the cell vision in the soft mind to show the daily and love stories of “Soft Beauty” of an ordinary office worker in his 30s. The various character cells in the mind embodies love, reason, appetite, senses, actions, etc. The delicate interaction between the cells expresses the protagonist’s thoughts and actions to the fullest. During the LINE WEBTOON serialization period, they all achieved high Popularity.

exist”Gentle Cell Young General: Jigsaw PuzzleIn “, through the game plot, the player must repair various buildings in the cell village destroyed by the actress’s cell. For every 20 levels, you can watch the story fragments of the original comics. Players will be able to understand the soft world view more vividly and enjoy many interesting and funny cell interactions. Well-known and popular characters such as “Soft Beauty”, “Gu Xiong”, and “Liu Ba Bi” have appeared in turn, allowing players to fully experience the fun of the original elements in the game.

The most interesting existences in the original works such as “Love Cells” and “Happiness Cells” must be collected through puzzles and drawing tickets. Initially, 40 kinds of cells will be released, and more cells will be released as the game is updated in the future to have fun with players.

A TV series of the same name adapted from a web comic will be broadcast in the second half of 2021, so it has become even more of a topic. In addition, the animation of “The Gentle Cell Young General” targeted for broadcast in 2022 is also in preparation.

Gentle Cell Young General: Jigsaw Puzzle“Pre-login is now open on both platforms

Officials said that by participating in the advance registration and logging in to the game within 3 days after the game’s launch, you can get rewards such as “general draw coupons”, “item draw coupons”, and “love”.


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