Linux kernel maintainer named the patch submitted by Huawei developer on the mailing list suspected of brushing KPI-Linux-cnBeta.COM

Qu Wenruo, the maintainer of the Linux kernel and the developer of the SuSE release, pointed out on the mailing list that the patch submitted by the developer Leizhen and others from Huawei is suspected of brushing KPIs.After review by the kernel team, it is found that these submitted patches are mainly used to “clean up incorrect information” and “fix spelling errors”, and the number is not very small. This type of patch submission usually comes from some novice developers, and repeated submissions are useless. The behavior of the patch was judged by the kernel team as the behavior of “brushing KPI” in the company. The full text of the email is translated as follows:

Hi, Leizhen, and the people on the mailing list.

Recently I discovered a patch that removed an error message for debugging OOM from the btrfs selftest.

This is nothing special, but a small cleanup for some kernel novices.

But the email address of the patch submitter makes me very cautious, “”.

Last time, we got some similar patches from the same company. They are doing some harmless “cleanup” work. The “cleanup” behavior is harmless, but these “fixes” are also useless.

This makes me wonder what is going on here.

After some searching, more and more OOM error messages “clean up” patches appeared. There are even patches to fix spelling errors.

It is possible for novice/student developers to submit such a patch, and hope that such a patch can make them a long-term contributor.

In fact, I started my kernel contribution by doing this kind of “cleanup”.

But your approach is really to brush KPI, I have seen it.

And I noticed that several maintainers are arguing with you about this kind of “cleanup”, and you are defending yourself, trying to get these patches to be merged.

The patch you send represents your company, and doing so is actually destroying a broken reputation.

Please stop this robbing of KPIs and repair the damaged reputation.

Thank you.



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