Lionel Messi, free for the first time in his career; Barcelona is quiet

Despite Lionel Messi He is officially free and has an open letter to negotiate his signing with any team in the world, PSG and Manchester City were the most interested, from Fútbol Club Barcelona they are confident that ‘La flega’ will continue to dress as ‘Barça’, despite the fact that they did not achieve the goal of renewing before the end of the contract.

The president of the Barcelona, Joan Laporta, expects to close, in the next few hours or days, the continuity of Lionel Messi. Although he is officially dissociated from the team, he is not worried, because according to sources close to EFE, the will of both parties is to sign the new contract “as soon as possible.”

From his first contract signed on a napkin On December 14, 2000, Messi has always been linked to Barça.

The problem lies in the complexity of an operation that, as Catalunya Ràdio advanced, would guarantee Messi’s continuity as Barça captain for the next 2 seasons.

In the first place, the form of payment and the taxation of the amounts that the Argentine star is going to collect must be resolved, and then, fit the new contract into the financial ‘fair play’ criteria that LaLiga demands.

And it is that the club must drastically reduce the salary mass of the first Barça squad, which currently represents 110% of the entity’s income, reduced by the covid and the mismanagement of the previous board, and that they should not exceed 60% of the turnover.

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“It is true that both Messi’s lawyers and those of the FC Barcelona They are finalizing the details of the final draft of a complex contract and it is expected to announce the binding of ’10’ as soon as possible. It is the desire of the crack, notified to his most intimate environment, and that of the Catalan entity, is to be able to close a chapter that he did not expect to last so long “, ensures the newspaper Sport.

Laporta had the desire to give the Culé fans the announcement of Messi’s renewal on June 24, Sant Joan’s Day – his saint – and the player’s 34th birthday. And if not, he would have liked to announce it on Tuesday, June 29, coinciding with his 59th birthday. However, the news of Messi’s continuity will have to wait a few more days.

In any case, and although Lionel is no longer officially a Barça player, the club will continue to link its corporate image to the figure of ’10’.

In this way, the t-shirt of Messi it will continue to be sold in official Barcelona stores, and the website and the rest of the club’s media will continue to cover the current situation of the Argentine international as if he were still another player in the first team.

The sports press has reported for several weeks what its renewal could include. This new contract would be an extension for two years in the Barcelona and then an exit to MLS, to Inter Miami, to end his career as a player and continue representing the interests of the Catalan club abroad.

For the moment and if nothing extraordinary happens, Lionel Messi will play the quarterfinals of the Copa América with the Argentine National Team being a free player, something that never happened to her in her sports career.


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