Lionel Messi responded to a Colombian fan who insulted him

In the stands of the Metropolitan Stadium a striking situation arose shortly before the match began for the Playoffs enter here Colombia selection Y Argentina, which ended tied 2-2.

When the albiceleste team was performing their precompetitive moves, a Colombian fan yelled a couple of expletives at Lionel Messi. The ’10’ managed to hear him in the distance from the field and turned to look at the sector from which the insult originated, but he took the situation in a good way.

The fan shouted: “Hey, Messi, you bastard. Give me your motherfucking shirt, you bastard “. The stadium at that time did not have many people in the stands making noise and for that reason it was possible to hear moderately well. Fans who were recording from another sector of the stadium laughed when they realized the scream that the fan starred in.

Seconds later, Messi turned his gaze to the rostrum and raised his thumb. The Colombian fans who were close to the Argentine were moved by that gesture that the Barcelona idol had and exalted him. The applause for the Argentine captain was immediate and he thanked them by greeting the fans.

With the passing of the hours, the cordial gesture that Messi had with the fans went viral on social networks. The same happened with a video that was known this Thursday, which shows the fight between several Colombian fans to see who was left with the shirt that the steering wheel Juan Guillermo Cuadrado threw towards the Metropolitan tribune.

This is the video that became known of the moment in which Messi responded in a good way to the expletives he received from the tribune by a spectator:


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